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Instagram SEO: 6 ways to increase your discoverability

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Instagram SEO: 6 ways to increase your discoverability

There are three things that are greatly enhanced when you hone your Instagram SEO skills. Your reach, engagement and discoverability on Instagram are hugely and positively impacted. But why does an Instagram SEO mindset increase your discoverability? Let’s find out by exploring 6 ways to increase your discoverability.

Instagram Search is your go-to feature for every account that exists on the app. Instagram Search is part of the Explore page, and you can use it just as you would use Google Search. Type your search term in the search bar at the top of the Explore page to find locations, hashtags and accounts. Instagram considers the search results based on the people you follow, your connections, and the photos and videos you like. But apart from that, keywords are also an integral part of search results. So, optimise your profile based on keywords.

For example, if you want to figure in the search for a keyboard like chocolate, include the keyword into your name as well as your username to get maximum search hits and emerge on top of the list or closer when someone searches for the same. On your profile, tap ‘Edit Profile’ to change the Name field. Similarly, your Bio should also be optimised with your brand keywords. It’s a good idea to add clickable hashtags to your bio in case someone searches for the hashtag.

2. Write captions that are descriptive

One can only search for Instagram posts using location tags and hashtags. But your content discoverability can be increased by other ways on the Instagram Explore page. Captions are the way to do it! Write captions that are relatable to the product and describe the same.

If you show any interest in creative pottery, for example, Instagram will provide more content from similar accounts. Instagram uses a unique machine learning method called ‘word embedding’ to identify similar accounts on Instagram. The keywords are used to determine if the accounts have similar interests and these keywords are found in an account’s name, username, bio, and captions. So, ensure you write captions that describe your product or industry.

3. Treat hashtags like keywords

You can also use hashtags like keywords. But ensure the hashtags are pertinent as well. This can help you get more engagement and be discoverable by your prospective customers. Just as keywords boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), hashtags boost your discoverability on Instagram. So, developing a defined hashtag strategy is crucial to get more engagement and followers on Instagram. Also, track and test to see which hashtags are working and which aren’t.

4. Create your own Alt Text

The Instagram alt text feature gives you the option of writing custom alternative text to describe your content in a stylised way. This was initially developed for visually impaired Instagram users but has turned out great for SEO usage as well. This unique feature takes the help of object recognition technology to create a description of photos for screen readers. As you browse, you hear a list of items that the photos may have.

Before you post a photo on Instagram, you can see and edit alt text by tapping Advanced Settings at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap on Write Alt Text. Finally, write your alt text in the box and you are done!

5. Get tagged

Tags and mentions can also help you get your content and Instagram profile discovered easily on Instagram. Whenever someone tags your account in their posts or stories, other users get access to your profile by seeing that post and clicking their way through. That’s a cool way to be discovered, don’t you think?

Among all the ways to get tagged in someone else’s post, the best way is to create content that everyone would want to share! Being tagged and mentioned is also like a stamp of approval as it notifies Instagram that your content is favoured and has found takers. This could improve your chances of appearing on the Explore page or the home feeds of others. It’s also a great way to drive more traffic your way!

6. Track your reach

Check out your Instagram Analytics to get an idea if your Instagram SEO efforts are bearing fruit. After you upgrade to an Instagram business profile or creator account, you get access to Instagram Insights to gain a perspective through data about your followers and post insights. Track your reach by using this data to discover how discoverable you are on Instagram and how optimised your content is. In the Activity tab, you’ll discover data around Discovery (this also has your overall reach and impressions in the past week) and Interactions, which showcases the number of profile visits you received.

Your Instagram account could well be the difference between being a winner and being just another brand. So, enhance your visibility on Instagram with effective Instagram SEO and build your brand awareness among a relevant audience. Use the Instagram optimization tips given above to get discovered. The world is waiting!