Today, we’re diving into the very beautiful and aesthetic world of Canva, the super resourceful application that’s made life more convenient for designers and non-designers alike. We’ve all tried our hand at it and felt a small moment of victory when we hit that download design button. Moreover, it’s conveniently accessible and doesn't require any fancy application set-up, letting you create designs from anywhere to #RaiseYourPower.

A tool used by most marketers, one can use its in-built features to kickstart a brand or sustain it. Furthermore, you can always leverage Kool Kanya’s well-designed (pun intended) PowerPass. Your stairway to work-heaven, this online course helps you learn hands-on skills from experts for all things digital marketing, content creation, and social media.

With Canva, graphic design has become a preferred career choice, so here’s a list of 5 in-built tools the platform offers that can be helpful to you. No matter the profession you choose, we all need a little bit of marketing, don’t we? Want to know how to use Canva? Okay, let’s go.

  1. Free templates

Not only does Canva give you free templates, it also beautifully organises them into categories so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. For freelance graphic designers, this feature is a lifesaver, giving them a kickstarter idea and letting them customise it to add their special touch to the final Canva graphic design.

Need to help your mother with a party invite? You got it! Need to make a personalised menu for your friend’s bachelorette? Canva’s got you the templates. Canva’s social media templates will help you stay on top of your digital game. To find a template, simply head over to the Templates tab on the top left-hand corner of your screen. After that? Well, the world is your oyster.

2. Canva video suite

Okay, let us all agree that a couple of years ago, editing a video seemed like a HUGE deal. Photo? Okay. Video? Oh my god. If you had to add a simple transition or some text, you had to navigate the very scary world of video editing applications. And if you had to cut and add some music - total chaos!

Enter Canva! The Canva Video Suite is like that friend of yours who has one conversation with you and solves all your problems. Okay, we might be exaggerating a little here, but it’s true. Canva’s video editing feature now lets you make basic edits, helping you create something that’s apt for social media or a personalised invite.

There are also a bunch of Canva tutorials that take you through the video suite step-by-step.

3. Brand kit

Back in the day the creators of Canva wanted to enable people to make their own designs and leverage the power of a good creative/design for the growth of one’s brand. Their Brand Kit feature takes this philosophy ahead, making it very easy for you to maintain consistency with your designs.

With the Canva Pro feature and Brand Kit, you can now add your brand colours, fonts, elements, and logos in one place. You no longer have to sit and worry about how to build that aesthetic grid that speaks your brand language; one quick Canva tutorial is all that’s needed to make you an expert.

4. Group work

Yea, we understand, sometimes you can’t stand someone in person, their annoying habit of chewing their snacks loudly while working, or not using a coaster for their cold coffee. Turns out Canva has an in-built feature which allows group work while you enjoy your blissful solitude. You can now create a group, add members, and work on a design together.

5. Canva creators

This one is hands-down our favourite feature! Canva now lets you browse and follow the work of different creators who contribute to Canva. We were stoked when we stumbled upon this feature. It also blew our minds to witness the sheer talent that exists around us and these artists who are opening up their work and sharing it with everyone.

There was a time when designs were sacred and artists were quite hush-hush about their style. That is slowly changing, with people now opening up their designs for the world to take inspiration.

To summarise, you can get on your design journey today, browse up some Canva tutorials, or take our Canva for beginners course, and then there’s no stopping you! We’ll show you the ropes and teach you how to use Canva to its fullest potential by playing around with its various features. After taking our course, you can expect to be an expert at creating advanced assets like gifs, carousels and memes. We will also show you why Canva is every Instagrammer’s best bud. Sign up here to get started!

There are similar apps like Canva as well that can help you kickstart your marketing journey, but that’s a conversation for another day. If you’ve come across any features that further tell you how to use Canva, comment below! We’d love to know.