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Myth busting: Thrift store edition

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Myth busting: Thrift store edition

Thrift shopping is a lot more fun than shopping from brands and online websites. Why?

Because at a thrift store, you get double the amount of clothes at half the price. And they’re all good quality pieces of clothing that encourage you to diversify your wardrobe and experiment more.

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While we believe thrift shopping is a delightful experience, not all people agree with it.  Some still hold preconceptions that thrift stores are smelly and weird. Not everyone realises the wonderful experience shopping from a thrift business can be. If you’re reading this, you may have arrived here with some misguided beliefs regarding second-hand stores, too.

Although thrift shopping has picked up traction in recent years, some prejudices related to it still remain. So, let's take a minute and bust some wrongly-held beliefs related to thrift stores.

  1. Items in a thrift shop are worn out or unusable

Before purchasing their stock, every thrift store checks each piece for any faults. Each item is screened to figure out if it’s in good condition and can be used for a substantial period.

Additionally, each piece in a thrift shop is washed and sanitised before it’s put up for sale. It is advised to wash all purchased items before use, the same way you should for new clothes.

2. Branded items are fake

No thrift business can guarantee the authenticity of the goods they sell. However, it differs from item to item and store to store. The chances of finding genuine branded or designer pieces while thrift shopping are still pretty high.

You must only be sure to shop for branded pieces from companies that you're familiar with. This will help you identify the authenticity of the piece you’re looking at. Above that, a few things you can check are the logo, stitching patterns, and internal colours to check the item’s genuineness.

3. Only people on a tight budget go thrift shopping

The reality couldn’t be more different than this!

Many believe that only people who have a tight shopping budget would be willing to thrift. In contrast, you’ll find all kinds of people shopping from an online thrift store.

Thrift shopping not only provides you with exclusive pieces you wouldn’t find anywhere else but is also environment-friendly, inexpensive, and allows you to support small businesses. Someone who is looking to experiment with their style would have more options at a thrift store rather than at a brand’s website.

4. The items aren’t stored in a clean and organised space

Hygiene isn't something to worry about while thrifting.

Even still, thrift stores being dirty is the most popular concern people have while thrifting. It is the common logic that since they’re second-hand stores, they’re bound to be dirty.

Yes, thrift stores do tend to rent out spaces that resemble warehouses or rundown storage spaces for keeping their stock, but that doesn’t equate to the place being dirty. The stores take measures to ensure the place, as well as the stock, are sanitised and stored in an organised manner for accessibility and inventory sake.

5. There’s nothing stylish or trendy in a thrift store

On the contrary, thrift stores are full of funky and vintage items! The best part about an online thrift store is they have a wide variety of pieces in every aesthetic. Sure, there are a bunch of pieces and the search can be tedious, but when you find the items that match your style, you’ll know it was worth it.

Except for vintage pieces, thrift stores also have a vast collection of current and trendy items that are in perfect condition. You just have to find the thrift store with the niche that coincides with your interests.

Now that you know the truth behind the myths you’ve commonly heard about thrift shopping, you can give it a shot with an open mind and discover all the treasures it has to offer!

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