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New to LinkedIn? Here's how you can best leverage the platform

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
New to LinkedIn? Here's how you can best leverage the platform

LinkedIn marketing - a term that’s probably not more than 600 days old. We know what you’re thinking! Marketing on LinkedIn, using LinkedIn for business - How can one do these things??

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So getting back to navigating this new social media platform; that once upon a time used to just be for job searches and acted as a virtual CV. The news is that this platform has now had an uber cool makeover and everyone wants a piece of it. In the next 600 odd words, we’ll tell you exactly how to make a good LinkedIn profile and leverage this platform to your advantage.

  1. Optimise your profile with LinkedIn’s in-built tools.

Yes, we know you’re tired of creating profiles (wink wink), but this one is going to reap you a lot of benefits from a professional standpoint. We recommend, you list down all the work you’ve done, your skill set, and what is the USP of your offering before you start using LinkedIn.

While creating a LinkedIn profile, listing your skills in the right order will give you a competitive edge and increase your profile views. The platforms repository has over 45,000-50,000 skills helping you pick the ones that fit your profile the best. Another LinkedIn tip would include placing emphasis on the summary section and letting profile visitors know your offering in the first 3 sentences.

Also, while adding your experience, put in some extra time to write a quick 2 line summary on what your role entails in the said organisation.

A good LinkedIn profile will have:

  • A professional picture
  • A key-word rich headline
  • A broad business location

2. LinkedIn groups

Finding a community has become the need of the hour and LinkedIn has brilliantly managed to leverage that. There are around two million odd groups on LinkedIn and these help you find your right audience so you can share your content with a filtered group to create your personal brand on LinkedIn.

We recommend you join at least 30-40 groups that are related to your industry and while understanding which one to be a part of, look for the ones which have more than 100,000 members if possible.

Also, you can always start your own group if you’ve got a strong enough proposition and you’ve done your market research on the kind of content your audience would consume. Whether the group is closed or open is your call, but this would definitely require some investment of time from you.

Once you are a part of a group or you create one, follow up with the connections you make and stay in touch.

3. Ask for recommendations

Remember the Orkut days when you asked your friends to write you a ‘testimonial’? Well, this is just the adult version of it. It’s time to call those work besties up and tell them to write you a solid recommendation that highlights the skills you’re trying to bank upon.

When you’re trying to stand out on an existing cluttered platform, social proof will work like magic in your favour helping you make a good Linkedin profile.

Ensure that these recommendations are honest, authentic, and—most importantly—specific. It’s similar to structuring your skill set; the only difference here is that some else is doing that for you. Marketing on LinkedIn pretty much has the same rules as any platform; the only difference here is that the audience here is coming at you with a specific agenda to engage with you for your work or business.

4. Build that network

There are a bundle of LinkedIn tips and tricks but nothing will work if you do not create a good network for yourself and engage with them regularly. Make sure this network has quality and targeted connections, else you’re just shooting in the dark.

There’s a short and quick hack to help you build the right network while using LinkedIn.

  1. Take some time and chart out your target audience.
  2. Once you’ve done that, add a keyword in the search tab. For example, if you’re trying to build a personal brand in digital marketing, find people who are content creators or SEO specialists, and then click on the ‘People’ tab to sort profiles.
  3. Scroll down, go through these profiles and connect with relevant ones.

To summarise, marketing on LinkedIn isn’t really a mammoth task and if done in the right manner with consistency, it can fetch you great results. To further know more about this social media platform and to navigate its world, we’ve put together a brilliant course for you that helps you Create your Personal Brand on LinkedIn and Get Jobs. Conducted by Vanishka Mehta who is a solopreneur, a brand strategist, and consultant, this course is suited for anyone and everyone who wants to build their career, personal brand on LinkedIn and generate leads effectively.

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