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Simple and affordable outfit ideas to slay college fashion

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Simple and affordable outfit ideas to slay college fashion

If you have done your schooling in India, then you know and understand how difficult it is to be yourself and show off your fabulous sense of style. Slaying your style in school often doesn’t matter in India. The only slaying appreciated is in academics.

Fashion plays a huge role in self-expression and, due to certain restrictions, many women often don’t get to explore that side of themselves. College is the time when you can welcome a fresh, new you. What better way to welcome this new self than through some killer outfits?  

So, if you are someone who looks at influencers who are not afraid of owning their unique sense of style and wish you could be like them, college is your time to shine and bring out that inner Carrie Bradshaw.  

So are you ready to let fashion take the front seat and glide through your college life looking absolutely gorgeous? We have a bunch of fab outfit ideas for every broke Gen Z, so you can flaunt your style without worrying about spending too much.

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Outfit ideas to look and feel your best in college

1. Graphic baggy t-shirt and jeans

A graphic baggy tee and jeans, paired with some cool sneakers are all you need to complete a cool and casual look. Stay comfortable while looking absolutely chic. This look is simple to pull off and supremely affordable. With new fashion designers and brands popping up, getting a cool graphic tee is an easy feat. So, find that perfect pair of baggy jeans, and an awesome t-shirt with cool graphics of your favourite band or artist, and you’re good to go. And hey, who knows you might make a new friend or find people with similar interests with the help of that graphic tee.

2. All black/white paired with a cool shirt on top

Funky, patterned shirts are all the rage now. So, if you have cool shirts, don’t be afraid to show them off. You can also easily buy some awesome shirts at flea markets or thrift stores at really affordable prices. Pair a shirt with an all-black or white outfit. It can be jeans and a tank top or a dress. Anything that makes you feel confident. Black and white are two colours that are classy and can never go out of style. You can be rest assured that paired with your designer shirt, they’re only going to become classier.

3. A designer kurta, jeans, and jhumkas

Time to bring in a traditional touch now. Jhumkas can never fail you and paired with a beautiful kurta and jeans, you have the perfect Indo-western look. With a wide range of jhumkas available at street markets at really low and affordable prices, finding the perfect jhumkas is easy these days. So, if you want to flaunt your collection of kurtas or jhumkas or have always wanted to buy them, this is your chance. Stay comfortable and look beautiful with this look.

4. T-shirt dress

This is one of the easiest and chicest looks that will also keep you insanely comfortable during a  long and tiring college day. Pair it with some earrings and rings and voila, you have a fabulous outfit ready. On the days you want to feel light and breezy, this is the way to go. You can also wear that baggy graphic tee we talked about earlier as a dress. Any oversized t-shirt can become a t-shirt dress. Here, you have a simple, chic, and affordable outfit ready to rock your day at college.

5. Cycling shorts and an oversized sweatshirt

You can never go wrong with this classic Princess Diana look. Some cute earrings and sneakers and you have yourself a look that is simple, yet cool. This look is perfect for a spring day, when it’s cold but not too cold. So, slay your day at college with this fashion statement and channel your inner Princess Diana.

6. Dress in a jacket or an overshirt

Pair your cute dresses with a denim jacket, an overshirt, or even a simple shirt, and elevate the look of the dress. Put those funky, patterned shirts to use here. This outfit is for those days when you want to look different but also don’t have a lot of time to do so. On days like those, just get a nice dress out, pair it with a cool jacket or shirt, and you are good to go.

7. High-waisted jeans and crop top

After Y2K fashion, high-waisted jeans are a gift and lucky for you, super in trend. So, get out that cool crop top you already have or have wanted to buy for ages and pair it with your high-waisted jeans to serve some hip looks.

With these cool outfit ideas, we’re sure you’ll be slaying at your college in no time. So, get ready to glide through college life with some cool looks by your side.