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Social media glow-up; your guide to creating engaging videos through storytelling

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Social media glow-up; your guide to creating engaging videos through storytelling

We’ve all grown up with stories, and naturally get drawn towards anything that has a storytelling hook to it. Think about it! You’re more likely to hang out with that friend who knows how to tell a compelling story with a little bit of drama here and there, as opposed to someone who makes each word sound drab.

What we’re essentially trying to say is that storytelling is the must-have skill for every marketer and we’re going to talk a little about creating video content for Instagram in a way that has your audience engrossed and helps you #RaiseYourPower.

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There are many tips and tricks on how to create videos on Instagram but, today, we’ll talk about how to leverage the art of story-telling!

  1. The 4P module

Yes, we’ve heard about the 4 Ps of marketing! Turns out, there’s an almost similar formula for creating video content for Instagram. Here we go!

Plot: Do you know the story you want to tell? If yes, prepare a structure. A good story usually has a beginning, middle, and end.

Purpose: What’s life without purpose and, similarly, what’s a good video without a purpose? Chart out the end goal. What is it that you want your audience to do after watching the video?

People: If your video has characters, who are they? Will your audience relate to them? Find that character arc and spend some time with it.

Place: Lastly, what’s the place or set up for the video and how does that tie the entire storyline together. For instance, a video of a make up tutorial cannot be set up in the open with trees around.

These 4 Ps become the skeleton of any great video or the base on which the structure stands. Move forward once you're 100% sure about these. If not, go back to the drawing board.

2. Humour & emotions

One always remembers something that brings a smile to their face or makes them laugh! When we talk about humour, we understand that sometimes that may not be your brand language; but there’s always a witty way to add something that brings in that half smile on the face of your audience.

It should also incite a certain emotion in your audience, and this is a function of a good story-telling strategy.

Once you’re sure of your brand language, see how humour and emotions can factor in when it comes to creating video content for Instagram.

3. Let the music play

Music has become an essential tool after the introduction of TikTok and Reels. In fact, they’ve also helped artists draw attention to their art. Understanding how to use music to your advantage is extremely important.

Once you have got your 4Ps and a basic script in place, you’ll know the exact mood that you’re trying to create with your video. A good piece of music can help in weaving a brilliant story and keep your audience hooked. Also, keep a tab on trending music and see if that fits in the narrative you’re trying to build.

4. Factor in their attention span

We live in a world where we’re competing with the goldfish when it comes to attention span. From static pictures to learning how to make an IGTV video to Googling ‘best time to post reels on Instagram to get viral’, we’ve come a long way albeit with a short attention span.

So, keep this in mind when you’re weaving your story for the video. Try and keep it succinct and to the point. Here’s where having the purpose from the above -mentioned 4Ps helps.

5. Show, don’t tell

This is always a rule of thumb you should follow. Your video should have a storyline so powerful that you don’t have to explicitly spell out what it’s trying to portray. In filmmaking terms, that is literally the graveyard of a video.

Put some time and think about how the audio, music, visuals, etc. can come together to create a feeling. Also, make sure you’re not over-selling your product - this is very crucial! If you force-fit your product into the video you may lose the audience.

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