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Starting your own podcast? Here’s an equipment checklist

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Starting your own podcast? Here’s an equipment checklist

With technology always evolving, the ways in which one can build their audience also keep getting more and more interesting. With audio playing a very big role in capturing attention, podcasts have now become the ‘it’ thing, because at the end of the day- we’ve all got something to say!

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. How does one even start a podcast? How to make money from podcasts? Can you make money from podcasts? We’ll get to it all.

In the last half decade, podcasts have proved to be a great in-bound marketing tool; brands are making one themselves or tying up with existing podcasters to create something new. The world of marketing and its different mediums keep changing every minute and sometimes, it gets difficult to keep a tab on it. Kool Kanya PowerPass is an annual subscription designed to guide you through the building blocks in the fields of digital marketing, content creation, and social media. So yes, the rules and algorithms can keep changing, but we can get you ready to battle the storm.

Coming back to podcasts, if you’re wondering how to start your own podcast, we’ve put together a quick check list for you. Here we go!

  1. A sound-proof recording space

While this isn’t a must-have, it’s a nice-to-have. Your audio is the protagonist when it comes to a podcast. So ensure that you find or create a spot where the quality of your podcast doesn’t suffer.

There is also additional equipment such as foam panels that can be purchased online and can be budgeted in your podcast cost. They act as a natural soundwave absorber. While it doesn’t directly block the noise, it prevents noise from bouncing off surfaces like walls and ceilings. It’s cost-efficient and the perfect companion if you’re just starting your podcast journey.

Another quick hack is having a carpeted floor when you’re recording a podcast, it helps a great deal in reducing the echo in the room.

2. A memory storage device

One of the most basic yet most forgotten devices is a memory storage device. With everything being on the cloud these days, a pen drive is now identified as a vintage property. While recording a podcast, you’re going to have multiple drafts of each episode and if you’re starting out with a podcast platform, you will want to learn and study different versions; what clicks, what doesn’t.

Ensure that you have a good quality hard disk handy where you can export files that aren’t needed at the moment. This will also ensure that you don’t save heavy files on your device, which may slow it down.

3. A good quality microphone

This is the key piece when it comes to creating a podcast and you’ll want to invest in it. Make sure that you do thorough research online before picking up something that suits you and fits within your budget. Some mics will suppress low-frequency rumble by absorbing vibrations while others will be portable and super easy to set up.

Depending on the length of your podcast and your set-up, you can do a quick competition analysis. Ensure that you pick one which comes with a good warranty and is reliable.

4. A comprehensive recording software

God bless technology as there are many tools available so you don’t have to take on the stress of figuring out how to start your own podcast. There is multiple software available at your disposal, which can turn your laptop into a full-fledged recording studio.

Software like Garageband and Audacity come in highly recommended while Adobe Audition also brings you an easy UI to edit your podcast. With these applications at your disposal, you can edit, manipulate the speed, alter the pitch of your audio, and more. Most of these come in with a free trial so you can try your hand at each before you decide to lock one in and purchase the paid version.

5. Noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are an essential when it comes to setting up a professional podcast. Look for one which ​​has a tighter seal around the ears for more accurate, detailed listening without that distracting background sound.

Since podcast recording is a time consuming activity, ensure that they’re also super comfortable. A good quality headphone comes with an application where you can control the background sound and adjust the audio settings, which can prove to be really handy when you’re recording on the go.

Now that you’ve got the basics right, start putting a check-list together. To further add to the list, we’ve put together a comprehensive course on how to Start Your Own PODCAST. This course will take you through the scripting process, a guide on how to record and edit episodes, and a few insider hacks as well.

This session is conducted by Smriti Notani - a content creator and podcaster who started the Keeping It Real podcast. This course is for anyone who wants to explore this fascinating world of podcasts, for brands who want to provide value to their customers through podcasting or simply for people who want to know how to make money from podcasts (we get it, the cash grind is real!).

Disclaimer: You may be reading this blog after the current learning course has lapsed. Head over to our all courses page to check for the latest courses and upskill yourself!