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The biggest photo editing trends on Instagram right now

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
The biggest photo editing trends on Instagram right now

A lot can change in the editing room.

- Diane Lane

Instagram photo edits have experienced revolutionary changes after the Nashville and Mayfair filters entered the scene. 2022 is all set to witness more of effects, consistency in colour tones and subtlety while editing photos. Spice up your life on Instagram by staying abreast of the biggest photo editing trends on Instagram that are growing even as we speak. Here are the top 6 trends for your perusal.

1.    Desaturated tones

2.    Raw and unedited

3.    Text overlays

4.    Light flares and reflections

5.    Pink-toned hues and filters

6.    Warm tones

Desaturated tones

Now, desaturated tones are in. Gone are the days of harsh edits with too much saturation. This essentially means less brightness with more sharpness. Bright colours are out!

For this effect, you have to shift the brightness and highlights way down in your phone’s camera settings. Using photo and video editing apps like Tezza or VSCO will also serve your purpose. If you don’t want a dark feed, you can bring the saturation levels down and increase your brightness.

Raw and unedited

No-edit edits are in vogue now as the raw and unedited photo trend has been slowly gaining in popularity over the last year. This looks like a hot trend for 2022. Even the ones that are using editing options are keeping their photos subtle. The edit changes made in terms of contrast, brightness and colour corrections are minor. This is largely because there is more openness now in the way creators or brands engage with their followers or community members. The growing trend is to be more open, honest, transparent and vulnerable.

Text overlays

Another editing trend that is being primarily seen on Instagram Reels is adding timed text overlays. This not only makes your storytelling stronger but it also looks great aesthetically. External editing apps like InShot can help you add text overlays. All you have to do is download the fonts, import them, and add them to your screen for a fixed duration.

Light flares and reflections

Light flares and reflections are also making news on Instagram as a popular trend that’s eye-catching and cool. Gen Z and millennials like this in particular. Hence, creators, brands and influencers targeting the young crowd often incorporate this in their content. An editing app like the Pink Papaya is good for iOS users for shadows, flares, and the prism feature. Tezza works for both iOS and Android users, providing its light, pride, and shadow effects.

Pink-toned hues and filters

Instagram seems to be following Aerosmith. The rock band had famously crooned, ‘Pink is my favourite colour’ in their song titled Pink. Pink seems to be the official colour on Instagram looking at the trend. Pink-toned hues and filters are the rage on Instagram now. You can get this filter from apps like Storyluxe, Tezza, VSCO (C4), and the Pink Papaya.

Warm tones

People on Instagram love warmth. That probably explains the affinity towards warm tones that has assumed trend-like proportions. But what warm tones do is they bring about a rich, warm look to your feed that’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They are perfect for product shots, interior design, and portraits.


  1. What is the photo editor that everyone is using on Instagram?
    VSCO is the most popular photo-editing apps on Instagram. It is also an original app. VSCO is so popular that more than 200 million Instagram posts feature the #VSCO hashtag.
  2. How do I edit a trendy picture?
    Here are a few tips to edit a trendy picture.
  • Crop your images and clean them up.
  • Adjust white balance.
  • Adjust exposure and contrast.
  • Adjust colour vibrancy and saturation.
  • Sharpen images.
  • Finalise and share.

3.  How do I make my Instagram photos like a pro?

Step 1: Use natural light.

Step 2: Don't overexpose your images.

Step 3: Shoot at the right time and at the right place.

Step 4: Follow the rule of thirds.

Step 5: Consider your viewpoint.

Step 6: Frame your subject properly.

Step 7: Draw the viewer's eye.

Step 8: Add depth to your photo while shooting.

4. How do you make a photo look aesthetic?

Here are a few tips for aesthetics:

  • Follow the Rule of Thirds: The Rule of Thirds is one of the most popular composition techniques in photography. Having an understanding of the same is useful for all photographers.
  • Add symmetry.
  • Create depth.
  • Frame well.
  • Watch your horizon.
  • Use shapes and textures.
  • Use shadows.

5. How do you use the VSCO app?

On Android tap on the camera icon. Tap the shutter button to take a photo. On iOS, tap on DSCO to capture an animated GIF. To share a photo or video, tap on the media you wish to share in your Studio, and then tap on the Share icon.

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