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The ultimate guide to scheduling Instagram posts

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
The ultimate guide to scheduling Instagram posts

Scheduling Instagram posts is essential to increase efficiency and save time. But sometimes, it can be confusing for businesses to find that perfect app to do the needful. So, how do you pick an app that is equipped with the best possible features? How about using a scheduler that makes those posts automatically for you? How do you use analytics?

We attempt to answer all your queries in this blog about scheduling Instagram posts. Read on to understand how to increase engagement, save precious time, grow your follower count, and schedule Instagram posts without burning a hole in your pockets.

Schedule Instagram Posts in 7 steps:

Create and curate your Instagram content

Time management is crucial when you are creating your own content on Instagram. Bifurcate your days into ‘shoot days’ and ‘non-shoot days’ to begin with. On shoot days, create maximum content for your account on one day. Once you shoot a week’s content on a single day, it leaves you 6 days to do your other stuff.

After editing, you can store all your content on Media Library and post one at a time. Organise your content by adding labels in the form of colour, theme or campaign for example. Taking content from the various buckets only makes life easier rather than looking for something specific in a pile.

Discover your best time to post on Instagram

Find out which is the best time when you should be posting online. This depends on the time when the maximum of your followers are online. Once you find your own personalised time to post on Instagram by studying data, it will be easier for you to hack the algorithm to increase reach, likes, and followers.

You can do this with the help of Instagram Analytics to review your audience metrics to discover your best times to post. Of course, you will need an Instagram business account to get access to the same.

Plan your Instagram Feed

After you find out when your Instagram audience is most active, and you have your material to post ready, plan out your Instagram feed before scheduling those posts. Planning the look of your feed is crucial to drive engagement and create increased followers. Arrange your stuff on your Instagram feed and do a preview of how it looks. Keep in mind that the best feeds feature a variety of topics that are evenly spread out. There should be balance and depth of field just like in a photograph.

Quick schedule your Instagram Posts

Create a queue of your personal best times to post, and then select multiple photos or videos from your media library and drag and drop them at the top of your calendar. Also, schedule your Instagram Stories.

Optimisation of captions and hashtags

Writing captions can often be challenging. Have content pillars to make writing captions easier. This will enable consistency, discipline, and creativity. Choose hashtags that work with your brand in particular and those that enable high-conversion.

Auto-publish your Instagram Posts

Thanks to innovation, you can now schedule Instagram posts directly to Instagram, without any push notifications. Simply upload your photo or video, select a date and time, and your post will automatically be published to Instagram. However, this feature is available only to Instagram business profiles.

However, only single photos and videos can be scheduled directly to Instagram. For carousel posts or Instagram Stories, you will need to use notifications.

To optimise your posts for increased drive sales and traffic, use Link in bio. The link in your bio is the only clickable link granted to you by Instagram. So, make the most of it as otherwise getting users to click-through to your website or online store can be tough.

Conclusion: By scheduling your Instagram posts, you can save time while focussing on your more important goals and objectives. Following the 7 steps in the guide above makes the process a walk in the park!


  1. Can I schedule an Instagram post?
    Next to the Publish button, there is a drop-down arrow button. Click on it to get the option to schedule a post. Click the Schedule option and select the date and time you want for your post to be published on Instagram. Then click Schedule to upload your content.
  2. How far in advance can you schedule Instagram posts?
    Using Facebook's Creator Studio, Instagram posts and IGTV videos can both be scheduled up to six months in advance.
  3. Can you schedule Instagram posts with multiple photos?
    Click on the Multi-Photo icon on the bottom right to club the selected images together into one post. Drag and drop the images around to create the order you want. Write your caption and schedule the same as a normal image.
  4. How can I schedule my Instagram posts for free?
    - Select a post.
    - Press on the “Speech Bubble”
    - Turn on the “Schedule Posts” button
    - Select a day and time for your post

5. How do you schedule Instagram without third party?
Step 1: Click “Create Post” on the top left of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the drop-down arrow next to “Publish,” located at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: Choose a schedule, click “Publish,”

6. How do I add Instagram to Creator Studio?
- Go to Settings from the sidebar on the left.
- Click Connect Instagram.
- Click Connect Account.

You will be asked to confirm if you want to allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox.