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Why your workout wardrobe matters just as much as your workout

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Why your workout wardrobe matters just as much as your workout

People who hit the gym regularly invest substantially in their gym wardrobe. Some look at the fashionable aspect of their garments, ensuring they look good while working out, while others prioritise the comfort aspect of the garments, ensuring they’re comfortable enough to be able to perform their workout routine.

However, most people don’t realise that what they wear while exercising can leave a lasting impact on their bodies and health. Sometimes, while picking out activewear, people focus on the wrong factors, consequently damaging their physical health.

The Kool Kanya ‘Create the perfect wardrobe to slay at the gym’ course defines the correlation between your gym wear and your health and also aids you in choosing the correct activewear for yourself. The course gives you the right insight for blending style and comfort in a way that’s not injurious to your health.

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Picking the right gym wear for women

People who go for runs and exercise in open spaces also tend to invest in a compression-aiding pair of leggings and a firm pair of running shoes. And the ones who work out at home tend to skip the “workout wardrobe” part entirely.

If you’re wondering why it’s relevant to choose the right items from the women’s activewear section, we’re here to explain! Keep scrolling to understand how the correct gym outfits for women can enhance your performance.

  1. Prevents injury

Have you ever worn something so tight that it constricts your breathing? Not a comfortable experience, is it?

Purchasing the right gym wear for women will make sure you don’t encounter such a situation while working out. If you invest in clothing with compression-aiding features, it will improve your blood circulation while working out, providing your muscles with room to breathe.

The right activewear also protects you against physical injuries like sprains and muscle pulls by providing ample support to your joints and muscles.

2. Gives your brain a boost

If you work out in the same clothes that you sleep in, you’re automatically going to feel lazy and consequently not reach your full potential. This is because your brain associates those clothes with sleep and relaxation.

The right clothes also put you in a motivational mindset as well. What you wear is subconsciously how you act. As a result, when you adorn yourself with activewear, you’re getting into character for working out. It’s like an actor putting on a costume for their big performance.

Thus, it is crucial to have a separate gym wardrobe that lets your brain know it's time to be active!

3. Regulates body temperature

If you’ve ever worn a loose cotton t-shirt to the gym, you must’ve left the place sweaty and damp. This happens because cotton retains moisture, resulting in you looking like a sweaty mess.

This is why you need to choose sportswear for women which is sweat-absorbent, light, and breathable. Intelligent and sweat-wicking fabrics make sure you’re comfortable and there’s no hindrance while you exercise.

If you’re wearing the right gym t-shirt and gym pants for women, you’ll leave the gym looking fresh, dry, and comfortable.

4. Boosts confidence

Clothing plays a huge role in impacting a person’s mental process.

It’s simple logic: if you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, your overall mood improves, motivating you to do better.

You must’ve noticed how your favourite pair of jeans or a top that flatters you immediately uplifts your mood. The same logic applies to your gym wear. If you’re wearing something that makes you feel good, you’ll feel confident about performing your workout and giving your best.

5. Improves your performance

If you used the same pair of heels you wear clubbing for a stroll in the park, do you think you’d be able to walk effortlessly? No! You would need a lightweight pair of tennis shoes or sneakers to be able to enjoy the walk.

In the same way, you need to select optimal items from the women’s activewear section to be able to reach your full potential and actually enjoy the workout. For example, shoes with a firm grip and leggings made of spandex provide excellent leg support and breathability, making your run a comfortable experience.

We hope you now understand why your workout clothes matter and how important it is to choose the right gym wear for yourself. To make the most out of your workout sessions, you need to have a wardrobe that matches your activity.

However, there are several brands and clothing items available today. You’re not sure what factors you must consider and the various options only confuse you. Our ‘Create the perfect wardrobe to slay at the gym’ course is here to provide you with the guidance you need in choosing the perfect gym outfits for women.

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