The pen is mightier than the sword. It is also the mightiest amongst photos, videos, graphic design, and your overall brand’s aesthetic. Why, you may ask?

Every social media post, emailer, script, or press release leans on words. That’s where copywriting comes in and steals the show if done right.

Copy is what compels your followers to take action. It is an essential part of your social media strategy. But, how do you do it right? How do you boost your profile or your business’s engagement through copywriting?

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For now, read on to unlock a few tips.

Table of Contents:

  1. 6 hacks to write social media copy that spikes engagement
  2. Copywriting mistakes to avoid

6 hacks to write social media copy that spikes engagement

Wondering how to write better copy for social media? Here are some tips to get you going:

  1. Lay out the main idea or provide a compelling sneak-peak

Getting your main idea in front of your followers is key. They’re busy scrolling, so you’ll need to capture their attention. Adjust your copy according to the platform and format where you’ll be posting it. Some platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, allow for fairly long captions. Others, like Twitter, demand a shorter copy.

Take a look at how your posts will be structured, which lines of copy your readers will see first, and how much space you have to squeeze in your main idea before a follower has to click on the post. Anticipating your post’s structure will help you construct the most compelling copy for your audience.

2. Write copy that evokes feelings and emotions
It’s always a good practice to write copy that makes your audience feel something. Without an emotional connection, it’s difficult to strike a chord with your audience. The emotions you want to stir often depend on the kind of experience you want your followers to have when they encounter your brand. Do you aim to entertain, inspire, or deeply affect your audience?

Consider the desired outcome before you write your copy. Also note that they made sure the main idea would show up for readers before the line break.

3. Ask open-ended questions
Asking questions in your copy for social media is a great way to get your followers engaged with your posts. Ask them questions they’ll get excited about answering. People like to share their experiences and the things they love, so consider incorporating those questions if they relate to your brand.

Alternatively, you can ask your followers what they want to know about you or your brand. Be sure to respond to their answers when possible. Conversing with them is a sure shot way to boost engagement.

4. Support your copy with hashtags
Hashtags help get more eyes on your content, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Adjust your hashtag strategy depending on which platform you’re using. For example, Instagram allows users to incorporate up to 30 hashtags per post. Twitter’s hashtags are useful for following trending topics and conversations.

Also, do consider creating unique branded hashtags for your business, but research those first to make sure no one else is using them. Custom hashtags that are specific to product launches or seasonal marketing can help get your social media content in front of more people.

5. Maintain a healthy balance in the tonality of your copy
Copywriting for social media should serve a variety of purposes. You don’t want to post the same type of content, in the same rhythm, all the time. Don’t be afraid to shake things up by sharing engaging content, curated content, and a bit of sales copy, too.

If you sell products or services, some posts should be straightforward sales posts that direct your followers to your offer. Other posts should be your own content, or curated content that’s meant to educate or engage your target audience.

6. Maintain a consistent voice across all your platforms
Keeping your brand voice consistent across all platforms is essential for building a strong online presence. A consistent brand experience extends beyond graphics and visuals, all the way through to your copywriting for social media.

Stay in character with your font, your word count, and your style of writing. Let the audience get used to a particular style, rather than confuse them with a variety. This is all a part of building your brand's social media presence.

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