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Your guide to picking the right accessories for work

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Your guide to picking the right accessories for work

You know exactly how to rock that party outfit and pair it with the right accessories, but when it comes to office fashion, you’re left perplexed. Well, we don’t blame you and there’s a lot at stake when it comes to planning those office outfits.

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Today, let’s delve into this very fascinating world of office fashion and specifically how to nail those accessories and keep them handy; we know how crucial it is to reach on time for that morning meeting.

1. Minimalism is your best friend

Have you ever attended a Zoom meeting in your pyjamas and craved wearing formal attire and feeling like a boss? Us too! And workplace fashion has always been super exciting because it helps you build that killer first impression. So when it comes to work outfits, pair them up with jewellery that’s subtle yet makes a statement. We’re talking simple chains with a small pendant, rings that stand out while you’re delivering that presentation, and bracelets that complement those rings.

Also, ensure you stick to one metal. For instance, if you’ve chosen white silver, your ring cannot be gold while your bracelet is silver. Keep it minimalistic and consistent.

2. Experiment with something new

Yes, you’re already making a statement with your work outfit, we see that! Want to amp it up? Throw in a nice silk scarf to go with it. Tighten it on the neck inside the shirt or simply place it on your collar.

Here’s a quick outfit for you: a crisp white shirt with grey trousers paired with a yellow and grey scarf! The print or the colour of the scarf should be thought through so it doesn’t look out of place. The idea is for it to blend and not stand out.

What will stand out though, is your personality!

3. Watch what you’re wearing

Of course, pun intended! Your watch forms a very important part of your office outfit and can communicate a lot about you. It’s always good to keep three types of watches handy, and mix & match them as per what your outfit demands.

A sports watch like an Apple Watch or Fit Bit, a simple leather band watch that’s trendy yet casual and a metal band watch that’s simple and delicate.

Depending on the occasion and the set-up of the office you’re working in you can play around and pick a different one for each day. Nope, we don’t mean those watches where you can change the colour straps daily; please don’t do that!

4. Let’s brooch this topic

A very underrated accessory, a brooch, if worn in the right manner can magically flip your overall look and make you bring your A-game to this world of office fashion.

It’s classy and minimalistic and can easily replace the necklace. You can pin one up on your collar or above a button and draw eyes to your fabulous office style.

5. Work that belt

Belts are a brilliant accessory that can put your whole outfit together. A nice chic and classy belt is a wardrobe essential when it comes to professional work outfits. Since this is a statement accessory, it’s wise to invest in a good quality belt where the leather doesn’t tear off after wearing it a few times.

A tan belt, a classic black belt, and something a little bolder with a statement buckle should form a part of your office fashion wardrobe.

Now that we’ve got you the perfect guide for accessorising your outfit at work, there’s something more that makes for a cherry on top! Are you ready? Okay, we’ll let you in.

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