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Your guide to writing CTAs that actually convert into sales

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Your guide to writing CTAs that actually convert into sales

If people always did exactly what we wanted them to do, imagine how comfortable life would be. Because we don’t live in an idealistic world, we need weapons like CTAs. Known as call-to-actions, these prompts get your audience to do something specific.

Suppose you’re trying to sell a product. If you don’t end your ad with a sentence that prompts your audience to make a purchase, they won’t know what to do after reading the ad. A CTA prompts people to take a particular action, depending on the intention of the content.

Now you could either go the simple route and write ‘Buy now!’ or ‘Comment below!’, but when you have the power to get as creative as you can, why not create a sense of urgency that REALLY prompts the audience to do what you intend them to do?

Maybe you want your followers to sign up for a free trial, download a PDF template, head over to your landing page, or pick up the phone and call. Whatever it is, you need a strong call to action a.k.a a CTA that makes your purpose loud and clear.

Kool Kanya PowerPass’ ‘Writing copy that sells’ teaches you the art of  writing engaging copy for social media, including penning down the right CTAs to help you achieve your specific goal.

For now, read on to unlock the tricks to write compelling CTAs that convert into sales!

Table of contents

  1. The key to writing a good CTA
  2. How to write a CTA for social media

The key to a good CTA

A CTA  might just comprise a few words, or it could be a sentence or two. It basically will include whatever it takes to instruct your reader to do what’s next. And most importantly, motivate them to do it.

Here’s the key to writing a good CTA-

  • you’ve got to give people a reason to click.
  • It isn’t just about telling the audience what to do, but why they should do it.

How to write a call to action for social media

  1. Pick strong action words
    Whatever action you’re hoping your readers take, you want to compel them to go for it. Powerful, clear, instructive verbs (a.k.a command words) do wonders here.

Try phrases like:

  • Sign up for your free trial.
  • Download my guide.
  • Get your free instant quote.
  • Shop dog hammocks.
  • Post jobs for free.

Or phrases pertaining to your business. Make sure you evoke a sense of urgency as well as drive emotions.

2. Make the benefit clear
Does your CTA pass the “so what” test? Readers care what’s in it for them, so you’ve got to tell them exactly that. Choose language that can inspire enthusiasm or emotion. Go beyond just stating what your business does, and tell them exactly what it can do for them.

Basically: what’s your unique selling point? Will your product or idea help your audience improve their career? Fix their love life?

For example: “Sign up for my course to earn INR 1,000 a day on your blog!” is a very inviting proposition and can instantly grab your audience’s attention.

3. Stay true to your brand voice
If you’re cool and chill as a brand, your CTAs should feel the same. If you’re upscale and professional, stay true to that tone.

For example- “Shop the fall collection” v/s “Head to my website to snatch one up!” both push your audience to the same action, but with a different vibe.

4. Choose clear over clever
Keep it simple for your audience. Ditch the jargon and resist the urge for wacky wordplay and simply write your message so it’s crystal clear. The shorter it is, the more likely a reader will be to understand and act upon.

For example- “Complete this form” or “sign up today”. Which one do you think reads better and is more catchy?

5. Send your audience where they need to go
You should be guiding your readers exactly where you said you would. After all, how frustrating is it when you click through to a page that just leads you to another page and another? Your trustworthiness is at stake when you write a CTA.

So if your copy for a contest says “Head to this Instagram account to play,” readers better be just a click away from entering the account. Adding countless steps in between will only make your audience impatient.

Bonus tip: Keep it conversational
Here’s a simple trick- Using ‘you’ in the copy is an easy way to make your readers feel like you care. Things feel a little more conversational, not sales pitch-y.

With these tips, we’re sure you’ll be able to write a killer Call To Action at the end of your copy, and drive engagement or sales, whatever it is that you desire. Make sure you keep these expert-led insights handy to write your next CTA!