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Long Weekends In 2021: Plan Your Vacation Days In Advance

. 9 min read . Written by Prerna Prakash
Long Weekends In 2021: Plan Your Vacation Days In Advance

If one of your (upcoming) new year’s resolutions is to make plans and stick to them, then perhaps you should learn the first rule of planning. Know what is in the future! We are here to help you find out exactly what the new year will bring for you, by giving you the most critical information of all. The exact dates of the long weekends in 2021! 

You might be in love with your job (or sitting at home and chilling) but hearing the words long weekend automatically brings a smile to every face. Whether you are to plan for it or not, long weekends offer you the CHOICE to do something fun and different from your everyday routine. 

Planning for things in advance is a great skill, and perhaps it is time to plan your new year before you can mess up your resolutions! Here are the long weekends of 2021 (and some hot tips on what you can do) to make your planner entries a little easier. 


January 1 (Friday)
New Year’s Day 
January 2 (Saturday) 
January 3 (Sunday)

January 14 (Thursday)
Makar Sankranti, Pongal 
January 15 (Friday)
Planned Leave 
January 16 (Saturday)
January 17 (Sunday)

January 23 (Saturday)
January 24 (Sunday)
January 25 (Monday)
Planned Leave 
January 26 (Tuesday)
Republic Day 

Things to do:

Stay at home, get warm in a blanket, and look at pictures from the Rann of Kutch Festival (From November 1st, 2020 to February 28th, 2021), the Jaipur Literary Festival (January 28th to February 1st), and watch the Republic Day parade on TV, because let’s be real. Covid-19 isn’t going away by January and perhaps traveling is not a great idea. (But mental health breaks are!)


February 13 (Saturday)
February 14 (Sunday)
February 15 (Monday)
Planned Leave 
February 16 (Tuesday)
Vasant Panchami

Things to do:

Go for an online date on Valentine’s Day, make some great desserts for your date with yourself  (again on 14th), learn how to make origami, and feverishly apply for new jobs. You can learn how to find a job during a pandemic by watching this video in the resources section! Click Here.


March 11 (Thursday)
Maha Shivratri 
March 12 (Friday) 
Planned Leave 
March 13 (Saturday)
March 14 (Sunday)

March 26 (Friday)
Planned Leave 
March 27 (Saturday)
March 28 (Sunday)
March 29 (Monday)

Things to do:

There are a lot of things to be done pre-Holi, especially if you have moved back in with your family. Go online shopping with your parents (keep them away from the crowded bazaars), put up a post on Instagram for international Women’s Day (it’s on March 8th, mark your calendars) and learn how to confidently chit-chat with a hundred or so relatives on video-calls. You can learn the tips and tricks to look and feel confident by watching this expert video on the Community resources! Click here


April 1 (Thursday)
Planned Leave 
April 2 (Friday) 
Good Friday 
April 3 (Saturday)
April 4 (Sunday)
Easter Sunday

April 10 (Saturday)
April 11 (Sunday)
April 12 (Monday)
Planned Leave 
April 13 (Tuesday)
Ugadi/ Gudi Padwa (restricted) 
April 14 (Wednesday)
Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti (restricted) 

Things to do:

The year is progressing fast now, and there are so many things to be done. Hopefully, Covid-19 will be letting go of its clutches by this point, and you could plan a short trip to Goa. If long-distance travel is still not feeling safe, you could go to the local church, take some time to learn about the caste system and Dr. Ambedkar, and perhaps start a youtube channel! You can learn all about creating a Youtube presence with our expert-led video on Community Resources! Click Here


May 13 (Thursday) 
Eid ul-Fitr 
May 14 (Friday)
Planned Leave 
May 15 (Saturday)
May 16 (Sunday)

Things to do:

Take some time out for yourself. Rest, relax, and rejuvenate yourself. Perhaps you could invest in a massage or some aromatherapy! Try something new, but related to self-care. Buy your late-gifts for mother’s day if you have forgotten. Perhaps you can take your mum out for a nice meal to show your appreciation. You could also plan for your future! Watch this information-packed video on Community resources to learn all about choosing to go abroad for higher education. Click here


As we touch the middle-of-the-year mark, sadly, there are no long weekends to look forward to. However, that does not mean you can’t do some cool activities and learn some things this month! Make sure you don’t forget to mark your calendars for Father’s Day (June 20th.)

If you are freshly out of college, take this opportunity to learn about what you can do after. You can read this article to learn what to do when you’ve done a humanities degree, and read this article to learn about your options after finishing commerce. You could also learn how to upskill yourself by reading this article

If you are ready to apply to jobs, perhaps you could use this month to update (or make) your portfolio! Watch this brilliant video on the Community Resources and learn how to make your portfolio on Wix.com step-by-step! Click here.


July 10 (Saturday)
July 11 (Sunday)
July 12 (Monday)
Rath Yatra (restricted)

July 17 (Saturday)
July 18 (Sunday)
July 19 (Monday)
Planned Leave 
July 20 (Tuesday)
Bakri Eid (restricted) 

Things to do:

Take a weekend course on something you’ve been meaning to learn for a while, look up pictures of holiday destinations (but then get back to answering your non-work emails), make a list of business ideas that you would like to begin in the future, and get ready for World Press Freedom Day (July 28th) by learning about journalism as a career. You can watch this expert-led video about journalism on our Community Resources section. Click Here.



August 27 (Friday)
Planned Leave 
August 28 (Saturday)
August 29 (Sunday)
August 30 (Monday)

Things to do:

Take some time out to make a big dinner for yourself, do the 500 chores that you’ve been delaying for the past week, learn to organize, perhaps, plan a night out with some of your girlfriends, and look into freelancing as a side hustle. You can read this super informative guide about becoming a content creator in India on our Community Resources. Click here


September 10 (Friday)
Ganesh Chaturthi 
September 11 (Saturday)
September 12 (Sunday)
September 13 (Monday)
Planned Leave 

Things to do:

Go for a physical exercise class like CrossFit, yoga, or Zumba, just to see if you like it. Create something interesting and exciting. Put up a post on social media about yourself, and start networking with people. Look into a list of alternative careers, if you are thinking about change. You can head to our well-stocked Community resource section to watch this video about how to be a make-up consultant! Now wouldn’t that be an exciting job opportunity? Click here


October 15 (Friday)
October 16 (Saturday)
October 17 (Sunday)
October 18 (Monday)
Planned Leave 
October 19 (Tuesday)
Eid e Milad 

Things to do:

Take the weekend to take out your woolens from your closets. You’ll be needing the light jackets soon enough. Sleep in and enjoy breakfast in bed. Read a book you have been meaning to pick up for a long time. Plan a short weekend trip to somewhere close to where you live. Head over to LinkedIn and start creating your profile. You can learn how to build your brand on LinkedIn by watching this expert-led video on the Community resources. Click Here


November 3 (Wednesday)
November 4 (Thursday) 
November 5 (Friday)
Planned Leave 
November 6 (Saturday)
November 7 (Sunday)

November 19 (Friday)
Guru Nanak Jayanti 
November 20 (Saturday)
November 21 (Sunday)

Things to do:

Put aside some time to go Diwali shopping. You need to buy some nice presents for your loved ones (and yourself!) You can take this quiz to find out what is the perfect gift for yourself. Buy some fairy lights and light up your room/ house/ flat. Learn how to make an Indian sweet and share it with your friends, neighbors, and families. If you find out that you are a master in the kitchen, you could learn more about starting your home-cooking business. Watch this great expert-led video on the Community resources section to learn more about starting your own business. Click Here


December 24 (Friday)
Planned Leave 
December 25 (Saturday)
December 26 (Sunday)

Friday, December 31 (Friday)
New Year’s Eve/ Planned Leave 
January 1 (Saturday)
New Year
January 2 (Sunday)

Things to do:

Take some time out for yourself. Wrap up in a snug shawl and watch your favorite films and TV shows. Read up about SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and pamper yourself if you’re feeling low. The year is almost over, so make sure you treat yourself! Plan out the new year, and look for job opportunities. Perhaps this would be a great time to up your resume game. You can watch this brilliant expert-led video on Community resources to learn the tips and tricks of making an outstanding resume. Click Here.

2020 has been all about (forced) self-care and alone time, but 2021 need not be. Use this great master-list to plan your new year ahead of time, and slot in all the things you could not do in 2020 into the long weekends of the coming year!

Do you know what you will be doing next year? Make a list of all the vacation days you need and message HR pronto!

Here is to hoping that 2021 rocks!

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