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Monsoon makeup hacks to make sure you look good from 9 to 5

. 3 min read . Written by Nagma Hasan
Monsoon makeup hacks to make sure you look good from 9 to 5

It would be glorious if we had the choice of staying home while it poured during the workweek; just sit by the window and watch the rain outside with a hot cup of chai. But on most days, we are expected to go to work, attend that important meeting and look impeccable and professionally dressed. That can be a nightmare.

Makeup and rains don’t mix well, and bringing them together on a wet day can be a challenging task. Don’t worry, we have your back. Here are some pointers that will help you brave the rains with your makeup on like a warrior princess.

Primer to the rescue

Nykaa Primer

Primer is to monsoon makeup, what water is to the body - necessary. On a wet day, a primer is what you need to invest in. Applying primer not only smoothens the base but also eases your makeup application and makes it last longer. The primer fills in the pores and serves as the wall between your skincare and makeup, so the rain won’t really play spoilsport.

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Cream products for the win

Swap out your powders for cream-based products, because on humid and rainy days they blend evenly on your skin. Come sweat or rain, your makeup won’t melt, get patchy, or stream down your face. Rest assured, that your makeup will look polished through the day. If your concealer, blush, eyeshadow, and bronzer are cream-based, you are rain-ready.

Less is more

Clinique Moisturiser

If you are a full-face kinda girl, then go a bit easy this season. The more products you cake your face with, the higher the chances of sweating and having a mess on your face. And then there are clogged pores. Go sheer! Use products that serve multiple purposes - a moisturiser with SPF, a lipstick that moisturises, or a tinted moisturiser. Stick to gel or liquid eyeliner. Glossy lips may be your go-to, but the humidity and rains may fail your fave. Use a lip liner before using a creamy lipstick, so that your lipstick lasts longer.

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Waterproof makeup

This couldn’t be more obvious. In monsoons, stash your beauty box with waterproof makeup. Mascaras, gel eyeliner, concealers, eye shadows, bronzers, primers and setting powder. These will be your guardian angels, while you brave the big, bad, rainy world.

Hair woes

hair serum for frizzy hair

It may not be part of your cosmetic makeup regime, but having bad hair can ruin your overall beauty look. The more uncomplicated your hairstyle is, the lesser you need to stress over it. If your hair is wavy or curly, ironing your hair can be a tricky affair. Instead, use hair products that will complement your natural texture, rather than fight it. Thank goodness for all the amazing products that the cosmetic world churns out to cure frizz and all other hair troubles.

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Keep backups in your bag

While the above tips are likely to get you through the day, downpours can create makeup mishaps. We recommend you stash a few lifesavers in your bag, in case your makeup turns against you. This is all the ammo you will need – Makeup removing wipes, blenders, anti-humidity sprays, blush, lipstick, tinted moisturiser, hair serum and an effective cleanser.

You don’t need to really stress over the bad weather. Whether you want to stay home or go out, with a bit of preparation, you will enjoy the weather. After all, wasn’t rain the only thing we were waiting for, to lend us some respite from the scorching heat just a month ago?