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More Than Just IT: Top 5 Careers You Can Pursue In Bengaluru

. 6 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
More Than Just IT: Top 5 Careers You Can Pursue In Bengaluru

Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it is now called, is just a step behind Mumbai when it comes to pursuing your dream!

Being from a small – now not so small –  town, and from the media industry, I’ve always known at the back of my mind that I may end up in Bengaluru. The living expenses and competition are continuously skyrocketing in Mumbai; due to this, most millennials and Gen Z are turning to Bengaluru for new opportunities and better quality of life.

The IT capital of India – also branded the Silicon Valley of India – is the most favoured for tech-based jobs. But did you know that there are so many industries thriving in the city as well? If you’re thinking about settling down in Bengaluru, and are curious about lucrative career options, here are the top industries in Bengaluru.

1. IT & Engineering

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way! Bengaluru, being the fastest-growing tech hub in the world, houses some of the largest tech companies, from Microsoft and Google to Goldman Sachs and Amazon. And being large corporations, they’re continuously hiring! The whole world moving online and technology is the need of the hour: there’s no better place to step into the industry than Bengaluru.

If you’re a complete tech geek, finding a job should be a piece of cake.

Tech Bengaluru

Jobs In IT:

  • Computer Specialist
  • IT Analyst
  • Software Developer/ Engineer
  • Web Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computing Engineer

2. Media

The media industry in Bengaluru is almost at par with Mumbai, which says a lot!

Many corporate giants have offices in Bengaluru and are constantly on the lookout for writers. Apart from that, the city also houses digital marketing agencies, ad agencies, and various startups. All this makes your hunt for a lucrative media job quite easy. Right from advertisements to online marketing, the media industry occupies a section in possibly every industry that exists in the world. 

Though Mumbai is still considered the media capital of the country, Bengaluru gives you similar opportunities with a lower cost of living.

If you’re an aspiring writer or marketer looking for a career option that’ll never go defunct, the media industry is for you. All you need is a strong grasp of the English language and knowledge of SEO. All experience and miscellaneous skills are always an add-on!

Media Bengaluru

Jobs In Media:

  • Content Writer
  • Copywriter
  • Digital Marketer
  • Journalist
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Social Media Manager

 The list is never-ending…

3. Biotechnology

Bengaluru is the leader in biotechnology in India, with various startups, biotechnology organisations, and research foundations like the National Centre For Biological Sciences and the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre For Advanced Scientific Research. The state of Karnataka also has 18 biotechnology finishing schools, of which a majority are housed in Bengaluru. 

This is truly the biotechnology hotspot! 

Biotechnology has its footing in branches of science and technology. It has enormous potential for freshers to learn and develop new skills. If you’re looking for innovative ways to better human life as a whole, biotechnology will give you access to a plethora of industries like medicine, agriculture, and manufacturing.  

The Karnataka government offers various concessions and incentives to biotechnology companies. Plus the various biotech parks across the state imply that this industry will only grow, making it even more lucrative over time. So, if you’re wondering what educational path to follow, consider biotechnology for all things science!

Biotech Bengaluru

Jobs In Biotechnology:

  • Biochemist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Microbiologist
  • Business Developer
  • Medical Scientist
  • Clinical Technician/ Lab Assistant

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4. Textiles

Any woven, knit, or felt cloth comes under the textile industry. Karnataka contributes to more than 20% of garment production in India; it is a major producer of silk and cotton in India. With the government putting up major textile plants in Bengaluru, the textile industry is booming in the city.

This evergreen industry is only scaling up as the years pass, and with some hard work and upskilling, you can land a lucrative role. The industry is now making its way towards sustainability, so if your interests lie in sustainable fashion and decor, this is your way in. You can learn about how these products are created, and ways to improve quality and production. With greater access to raw material, Bengaluru is the best place to experiment.

Practical knowledge matters greatly when it comes to garments and textiles, so you’ll have to work your way up the ladder but it’s worth it!

Textile Bengaluru

Jobs In Textiles:

  • Designer (Interior, Print, Wardrobe, Garment, Carpets, Stationery, etc.)
  • Buyer
  • Leather Goods Manufacturer
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Stylist
  • Visual Merchandising

5. Infrastructure

Bengaluru is ever-growing: to keep up with the fast pace, the government has launched various infrastructure projects to improve connectivity and increasing congestion. Ahem- Bengaluru Traffic

Of course, with so many people migrating here, the boost in population has called for better systems in place for children and adults alike.

The city is now in the midst of serious urban planning to best utilise its land. As an urban planner, you can design schools, districts, parks, and public transportation systems for public welfare. Urban planning includes a large deal of research and strategy, so if you have a logical mind and research interests, this industry is one to pick!

Right from public transport systems like the rail network, extension of roads and the renowned Bengaluru International Airport, there are jobs for people within various sub-industries. It’s safe to say, whatever your skills, you’re sure to find something that suits your interests here.

Infrastructure Bengaluru

Jobs In Infrastructure:

  • Infrastructure Analyst
  • Infrastructure Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • System Manager
  • Procurement Specialist
  • Urban Planner

6. Food & Beverage

With so many people migrating to Bengaluru for jobs, the food industry has been shining bright, and only gets better! Bengaluru boasts of some of the best restaurants and pubs, and there are even food hotspots within the city. The city has some of the best breweries and a colourful nightlife since a lot of youngsters move there for work. And with the pub crawlers go foodies! 

Being food conscious comes naturally today, with more awareness about staying healthy, especially since the pandemic. So, if you’d like to start your own eatery or cloud kitchen that specialises in healthy food, Bengaluru is the destination. 

Right from hotel management graduates to content creators, there’s something for everyone.

F&B Bengaluru

Jobs In Food & Beverage:

  • Chef
  • Culinary Arts Instructor
  • Restaurant Publicist/ PR Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Food Critic/ Blogger
  • Nutritionist

Need we say more?

There’s no dearth of jobs in Bengaluru, right from creative to tech-based fields. Apart from helping you grow financially, these cater to a wide variety of interests. All you need are the right opportunities, and you’ll be on your way to making waves in your industry.

Did we miss out on any more up-and-coming industries in Bengaluru? Tell us in the comments!

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