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The New Normal For A Newbie Freelance Content Writer #CommunityBlogger

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
The New Normal For A Newbie Freelance Content Writer #CommunityBlogger

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Have you ever gone on a roller- coaster ride, put on the seatbelt, and then wished you hadn’t taken the plunge? After the ride, while feeling dizzy and flushed, you feel a sense of euphoria – having achieved something that blew your mind a few minutes back!

This is the same sense of adrenaline and nausea you experience when you choose to become a full-time freelance content writer. Don’t get cold feet now. This journey opens up avenues you would never have thought to explore in your hectic schedule of a corporate job.

It Gives You A Chance To Introspect, Reinvent And Utilize your Talents To The Maximum

When the world is moving at a rapid speed and living a nomadic lifestyle, you get a chance to reflect on your weaknesses, strategize your priorities and be aware of new trends. Being intimately familiar with the experience, you could also write about your insights and personal journey in your content.

Chance To Grow Your Network, Make Connections, And Build Relations

Having been a blogger/poet/writer for over a decade now, I have interacted with many people from different fields of life, but have kept the passion of writing ignited. 

It opened new prospects to interact with writers who aced big projects with ease, while growing their writing careers even after retirement. Today, this social network is a haven for understanding the technical dynamics of freelancing from established writers that can mould you, help you understand your niche, and prepare you for the next ride.

Upskill And Reskill On A Regular Basis

Writing content is a creative task that requires you to unlearn outdated methods, follow the current trends and create a strong foothold in a reader’s mind. In a digital paced world where the dynamics of brands and reader’s preferences keep changing, your work shouldn’t be just another “scrolled content”. It needs to have caliber to adapt and resonate with audiences even outside of your niche .

How do you do that? Simply begin to upskill and reskill, to learn new topics that will give you more projects in future . Even though I started as an amateur poet, I constantly upskilliled myself to hone my writing skills, and can now write anything from articles and flash fiction to prompts.  I have also learnt aspects of design and marketing. 

Have Comprehensive Technical And Digital Knowledge

What would you do if you wrote a blog post but everytime you uploaded it, it faced technical errors?  Or a client hires you as a content writer but also wishes to promote the brand?

Most clients  today demand for a skilled multi-tasker and are willing to invest in them. Technical knowledge of  site management, services like designing logo or ad  to promote the brand, will add brownie points to your portfolio.

Believe in Yourself

Time and again , this is the philosophical advise we are constantly presented with. And truly, this is what most of us lack, or fear the most. 

The fear of the consequences of our decisions, the endless wait, and competition, makes us hide in the shadows and ignore the talent we all have within ourselves. As a freelance writer, build a strong resilience to negativity, create your own zen corner, and make things work .

Always remember, your voice is unique, so add that element in your work, and see the difference.

Hustle Harder And Become a Winner!

Yes, the competition is growing and will only continue to do so.

But now, it is time for you to hustle harder and to showcase your strengths, be it with your own boss. Strive hard, deliver your promises, and enhance your future prospects. A strong foundation and the above adage will reap rewards to make freelance content writing an extremely resourceful career for you. 

So why wait – start now!

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