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Out, loud, proud: 8 Pride makeup looks that celebrate the ‘fab’ you

. 6 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
Out, loud, proud: 8 Pride makeup looks that celebrate the ‘fab’ you

June is all about celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. From members to allies, we’re all joining hands to make the world a better, more inclusive place for all. If you’re going all out in your celebration of the queer community, you’ve painted your face in rainbow colours at some point or the other. But if you’re a makeup enthusiast, why not take things one step ahead this Pride month?

From coloured mascara and neon eyeliner to glitter lips and bold blush, Pride parades and festivals are witnessing the best of beauty this year. While some looks are all about articulate artistry, others are simpler and fun.

Remember, the key is not to imitate, but to empower!

Instagram-worthy makeup ideas for Pride month

1. Under-eye bling

There’s no doubt that rhinestones and stickers are having a major moment this year (and so is Aditya Madiraju). But how about switching it up with a splash of colour under the eye, instead of over it? This makeup look seems super complicated, but once you really look into the details, you can create your own simpler version. There are simple kohl-rimmed eyes, a white graphic liner, and a symmetric flush of three colours under the eye. Since this look is all about the colours, you can keep your lips subtle.

If you’re a newbie, you can omit the symmetric strokes and opt for different shades on both sides of your face to give it an effortless look.

2. The face paint

Pride is all about celebrating who you are. So if you feel particularly artistic, face paint might be the way to do it. You can opt for a full-blown makeup look, or go for something minimal and chic like simple designs on your eyelids. Debasree’s floral look is a great summer/Pride look for festivals, lunches, and cosy get-togethers. Just go for a soft base, prep the eyes with some concealer, and let your inner artist shine.

You can use liquid eyeliners or water-activated liners for this look. If you don’t have either, whip out you lip lining brush and liquid lipstick, and paint all the way.

3. Let it float

Not sure how to ace the winged neon liner look? Go for floating eyeliner. Just prep your eyes with a little concealer or white creamy shadow (this helps enhance the colour of your shadow), and add a soft wash of colour on top. Yellow, pink, orange, and other pastels will make you stand out. A complimentary neon liner, or just the OG white one on top will give you a euphoric look.

Add some coloured glitter on the inner corners, and maybe a little on the high points of your face to really shine this year.

If you’re an amateur who loves makeup but keeps a safe distance from it, take your lessons from Ankush. His looks are all about having fun with makeup.

4. Rainbow-rhinestone magic

Pride month is all about celebrating the many shades of being, the rainbow theme being a major symbol of that. Malvika’s rainbow look is all about going bold with your makeup choices. Use liquid eyeliners or eyeliner sticks to create multiple layers of your regular winged liner. Finish off the eyes with an all-around white liner for a comprehensive look.  Don’t forget those wild, colourful eyebrows while you’re at it.

Put on a heavy blush and make your lips shine with a metallic lip topper or glitter lip gloss. Finally, rain it with rhinestones and slay the day like the queen/king you are!

5. Give yourself wings

Makeup is an art, and Shantanu is living proof of that. The artist has created multiple Pride makeup looks for the LGBTQ+ community, but this one takes the cake. If you’re looking for wings, this look might be a beautiful start. Just slap on a natural, subtle base, and let your eyes do the talking.

You can start with a light shade of eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid, top it off with a darker shade, and follow it up with a liquid eyeliner. Since this look is all about details, you can add little wings below the lower lash, or a touch of glitter in your inner corners. Complete your look with nude lips or tinted gloss, and you’re ready to steal the show.

6. The luscious lash look

If Deep Pathare is to be believed, there should be drama in everything – even your lashes! This makeup look is all about confidence and colour. To start off, build a soft, dewy base. For the eyes, pick any three colours you see fit; two for the eyelid and one for the lower lash. Start by adding the lighter shade all over your eyelids, and pack a darker shade on top. You can create a soft wing with the shadow, and top it off with a dramatic black liner. Finish the lower lash with a pastel-coloured kohl liner.

Pick your juiciest lashes, and trim them to fit the outer half of your eye. Stick the lashes at an angle (instead of placing them horizontally) to give your face a lifted, elongated look. Don’t forget your highlighter, because we’re all about the shine!

7. Fire it up!

If you like your makeup to be as fierce as you, this fire-inspired look by Sarah is what you need! But hold your horses, for this look is not as simple as you might think. To start off, pick up white liner and draw the desired look on your prepped eyes. Once that is done, go in with coloured kohl or eyeshadow powders, and fill in over your white liner. For the under-eye, just pack the same colours without any liner.

A dewy base and soft pink lips are the perfect way to complete this look. If you feel particularly experimental, you can swap the fire theme with a nature theme (use blue and green shadows), or Pride theme. Your face is your canvas!

8. Starry nights with a twist

Experimenting with colours goes beyond your eyes – why should eyelids have all the fun? If you’re heading out for an evening parade or a happening party in the city, Jovita’s look will make heads turn for you. Once you’re done with your base and simple metallic eyes, start packing colours below your lower lash. Start from the inner corner and work your way towards the outer one. The important thing here is to do both eyes simultaneously instead of finishing one at a time.

You can get as messy with this look as you like; we’re throwing perfection in the bin.

For the final touch, brush loose shimmer over your cheeks, because let’s face it, we’re all about the glam!

For years, makeup has become a tool of empowerment for people across the globe. For a lot of individuals of the queer community, putting on a layer – be it makeup, paint, or a mask – allows them to be who they really are.

Pride is about celebrating who you are, and accepting others with their difference. Why not do it with a little pop of colour and splash of glitter while we’re here!

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