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Productivity Challenge: We Tried To Organise Our Lives Using An App

. 2 min read . Written by Team Kool Kanya
Productivity Challenge: We Tried To Organise Our Lives Using An App

Productivity apps have been flooding the market, and Team Kool Kanya has taken up the challenge of finding out whether they can be of help to your work, life and work-life balance.

3 people. 1 productivity app. 1 huge challenge: Can a productivity app help them organise their work lives better?

Meet The Players Trying To Organise Their Lives

Daksh Kohli

Though he is Kool Kanya’s videographer extraordinaire, Daksh does not have his life together. He is forever chasing an unwritten pile of to-dos. Maybe this will help him get his productivity on track?

Prerna Prakash

Content Operations Manager Prerna is better at making lists than manifesting them. She’s going to take her page-bound to-do list to her phone, and find out if app-led productivity is a myth or her future.

Priyanka Sutaria

Content Producer (among other things!) Priyanka is someone who lives-breathes-loves planning, planning the planning, and checking things off her planner. Will she survive one week without her beloved trackers?

Will they sort their lives out? Or will it unravel in a hopeless mess of disorganisation? Watch this video to find out!

Have you ever tried a productivity app? Did it work out? Did it not? Let us know in the comments!

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