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Try these quick & easy beauty hacks before you head to work

. 3 min read . Written by Nagma Hasan
Try these quick & easy beauty hacks before you head to work

Does your everyday morning routine involve getting out of bed in a hurry, taking a quick shower and then dashing off to work? How much time do you spend on your makeup? Or do you get time for it at all?  

Between boardroom meetings and presentations, feeling confident is vital. There is a direct correlation between looking good and feeling confident, we know you lack the luxury of time but we have you covered.

Here is a list of life-saving hacks that will help you look perfect in a jiffy. Say goodbye to unkemptness.

Stay fresh

Slept in late in the morning? You don’t want to look like you just got out of bed all tired as you start your day. Blend in some serum or foundation with your moisturiser and see the difference. Your face will glow and you will look as fresh as fresh can be.

Coat it up

Applying foundation may seem like an arduous task, what if we show you a way that will help you get it right in no time? Start with the centre of your face and gradually blend it towards your ears. Tada! You are ready to go.

Luscious lips

Does your lipstick stay on all day? Try this: After applying your favourite shade, take a tissue, and blot it. Then take a brush and dab some setting powder over it. You can now spare yourself from interim touch ups through the day.

Blank it out

We hear you when you say you are too lazy to wipe your makeup off before hitting the bed. The best hack is to keep your makeup remover next to your bed, trust us, it’s easier to stick to your routine this way, and your skin will thank you for saving it from future breakouts and infections.

Not by an eyelash

A little more of voluminous lashes hurt no one. To make a difference to your lashes, after a coat of mascara, dust some loose powder over your lashes and then do another sweep of mascara. You now have thick lashes highlighting your eyes.

Nail it

As you are heading to work, you notice your chipped nail. Do you have the time to apply a coat? Will it dry? Don’t stress. After every coat, soak your hand in a bowl of ice cold water. Not only will it dry your polish quicker but the icy water will help solidify the paint and make it last longer.

Tame ‘em right

Take a toothbrush (an unused one) or a mascara brush and spray some hairspray on it and run it over your hairline. There, done!

Clean sweep

Botched up your eyeliner? Take a cotton swab with a bit of petroleum jelly at the tip, and even out the messy edges and unwanted bits. It’s easy and hassle-free. Just make sure you stock your makeup arsenal with cotton swabs.

No bad hair day

You don’t need to schedule your hair wash for the weekend only. We know washing your hair and then styling it on a weekend can turn into a time-consuming affair, but did you know using a conditioner can help your hair dry faster? It seals in moisture in each strand of hair as well as repels water. There you go, washing hair won’t require so much planning anymore, plus it’ll be easier to style as well.  

Spray on

Are you heading out after work? If you are worried about looking tired from the day’s work, we’ve got your back. The easiest way to spruce up your face is to spritz some face mist, it will absorb any foundation or concealer, leaving you with a fresh face. Touch up on your make-up and you are ready for a good evening.

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