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Safety, growth opportunities and 4 other questions you should be asking before accepting a job offer

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Safety, growth opportunities and 4 other questions you should be asking before accepting a job offer

We agree that the perfect job is tough to come by. However, sometimes the job you’ve been dreaming about all your life could be a big hoax in real life.

What we mean is, a new job comes with a whole new set of responsibilities and it may not always turn out to be how you imagined. Plus, being a woman comes with a separate set of concerns that need to be addressed.

Thus, before you sign the dotted lines and accept the tempting new offer, here are 6 questions you should be asking.

1. Safety

A safe work environment is crucial to be productive in your new workspace. It is okay to ask the HR about safety policies during your interview. Find out if there is a pickup and drop service for days when you are expected to stay at work till late. Another good idea is to Google the company name, along with the word ‘safety’, and check if there are any recent safety violation incidents that the company had to deal with. Also, take a walk around the building and see how safe the surroundings are.

Kool Kanya Tip: Use social media, or ask your circle of friends to see if you know someone in common, who is either working at this place or has worked there in the past. An employee will be able to give you the most honest feedback.

2. Compensation & benefits

Make sure you are getting what you are worth in the market. You don’t want to be underpaid, especially for a role that will require you to put in much more. Most salary hikes happen when you change jobs, so make sure you ask for a good raise and stick to the number you want. Also, make sure you ask the HR about other benefits like Provident Fund, Mediclaim, gratuity and bonus and other remunerations. These are important and will go a long way in the future.

Kool Kanya Tip: It’s okay to renegotiate a contract if you feel that they are giving you a raw deal; trust us, it’s worth it.

3. Career growth

Switching jobs would essentially mean an opportunity for growth not just in terms of remuneration but also your designation. Make sure that the new role adds value to your current career plan, and propels you ahead in the corporate world. Also ask about growth opportunities in general, whether the company supports further studies, and gives employees the chance to enroll in workshops to better their skills. Changing jobs is a hassle and you need to make sure that it’s worth the trouble.

Kool Kanya Tip: If the company isn’t able to offer an immediate jump in your career right now, ask about how the promotion system works. If you see good growth opportunities in the future, don’t hesitate to make the move.

4. The team

Who you work with is of prime importance because you will be spending most of your work-life around them. Ask the HR and your immediate boss to describe the team, look them up on Linked and Instagram and get a better idea of what you are signing up for.

Kool Kanya Tip: You can’t really judge your soon-to-be colleagues, via their social media lives. That’s a risk you will have to take, however, it’s best to ask and try to get to know as much as you can before you join.

5. Company culture

Every organisation follows different rules, regulations and policies which make the environment very different. It is always a good idea to ask the HR about the work culture and find out what working here is really going to be like. You can also log on to the company website and browse through their photos to see what kind of culture they are promoting. Policies like free or subsidised lunches, not answering emails after 6 PM, allowing employees to take holidays, are all a part of this.

Kool Kanya Tip: Ask, ask and ask some more.

6. Timings & leave policy

From the amount of time you will spend travelling to when will you go to sleep, you will literally have to readjust your entire routine. Ask about work timings and whether you will be allowed to come in late on some days and if you will be expected to work on certain holidays. Also get info on any overtime policy the company may have especially for women.

Apart from public holidays, also find out the policy behind casual leaves, mental health days and maternity policies, if applicable. Also, talk to your boss about work-life balance and ask him/her if they encourage annual vacations, and taking casual holidays occasionally.

Kool Kanya Tip: There is nothing wrong in wanting to achieve a work-life balance and talking about it before you take up the job is encouraged.

Once these questions are answered, you’ll have a clearer idea of your prospective workplace and it will be easy to decide if the job is meant for you, or not.

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