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Part 1: Should you really quit your job?

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Part 1: Should you really quit your job?

We’ve all had those days when you storm back home from work, screaming (or muttering, depending or your personality) obscenities at your boss or a colleague, swearing you’ll pick up the phone and quit the very next minute. Or perhaps you’ve just grown comfortable over the years to the extent where everything is now a routine even if its monotonous.

Have you been itching for some change? You clicked on this article, didn’t you? Here are three sure signs indicating that you need to move forward in your career.

1. You are not satisfied with the job

Do you find yourself feeling bored, repressed or unhappy? Do you daydream about doing something completely different? Do you wake up with a pit in your stomach because you have to go to work? It’s normal to have a few bad days, especially at the start of a new job.

However, if you find yourself unwilling to leave the bed in the morning, procrastinating more than working or complaining to your best friend just a little too much about your co-workers, you might want to reconsider your current workplace. If you dislike the work you do, or if the stress of the job is too much to handle, not only will you become unproductive, but both your mental and physical health will suffer as well.

2. The work environment is toxic

Your office is so much more than just a place you go to work. You spend most of your time there, around your colleagues. Positive work culture is conducive to the growth of both a company and its workforce. Job stress is a real thing, and having an overbearing supervisor or frequent disagreements with your co-workers will only add to it.

No job or price is worth enough to risk your health. There’s bound to be at least one person that you don’t get along with, but if you find yourself having too many strained relationships at your workplace, it’s probably not worth staying.  

Feeling content with your job is probably one of the best signs that it’s a right fit, but people often mistake comfort for complacency. You might be great at what you do, but what if you aren’t interested. Maybe you don’t believe in the work you’re producing. Perhaps the skills that you possess aren’t being utilised effectively or used at all. The skills you have and enjoy can be very different from the ones that you were hired for.

3. There’s no scope for growth

On the other hand, your company might not be giving you the recognition you deserve. Being appreciated by my boss for the effort I had put in was essential to keep me motivated and boost my confidence. I grew as an employee and flourished when my work was valued. If you feel like your voice isn’t being heard, don’t disregard those feelings. Acknowledge them instead of blaming yourself!

Ultimately, having an unsatisfying job can leave you feeling drained or dejected by the end of each day. When the bad days outnumber the good ones, you know you’re in trouble. Then again, no one knows the trade better than you. If you’ve had a nagging feeling about it, trust your intuition. If you don’t feel the need to do better and do more, and if there’s nothing to work towards, then it’s probably time to re-evaluate your options.

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