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Stuck in traffic? Here are 9 things you can do instead of stressing out

. 3 min read . Written by Team Kool Kanya
Stuck in traffic? Here are 9 things you can do instead of stressing out

If you are a part of the 9 AM to 5 PM working slot, we can only imagine how frustrated you are with everyday traffic and dealing with the huge crowd of people who are ready to shove and push just to reach work on time. It can be stressful, and sometimes a bad experience early in the morning can mess your mood for the entire day.

Instead of stressing about being stuck, and spoiling your entire day, here are some things that will take your mind off the traffic and crowd, and help you be productive instead.

1. Listen to music

Music is one of the easiest and quickest way to change your mood. Instead of getting stressed out about being stuck in one spot for the last 20 minutes, turn up the volume and listen to some mood uplifting music instead. Prepare a sassy playlist for yourself and change your mood instantly.

2. Tune in to a podcast

From productivity lessons to horror stories, the podcast world has it all. Pick something that will entertain you, while your cab driver navigates through those crazy by lanes. From The Indian Startup Show to Josh Talks, there’s some really inspiring content to suit your needs. You can also turn to audio books (check Audible) and use this time to catch up on your reading list.

3. Network

If you use public transport, use that time to network. Look around and we bet 80 per cent of that crowd in the train is in a hurry to get to work. Talk to someone, get to know what they do, and find a common ground. Between your carpool group travel buddy, to people around you on a bus or train, you have a sea of contacts right there.

4. Positive self-talk

There is no one in the world who can motivate you better than you, yourself. Use the extra traffic time to make a mental checklist of everything you have to do. For each task, remind yourself of one good skill that you have that will help you complete your work in the best possible manner. Put yourself in a good, confident zone rather than stressing about how your boss is going to kill you for walking in late to work.

5. Call up your mom!

Trust us, listening to your biggest cheerleader early in the morning is the best motivation ever. You can also use this time to respond to those WhatsApp group messages, check out what your bestie has sent you on Insta DM, and basically get your social correspondence up to date.

6. Declutter

From your Facebook friend’s list to all those extra photos in your phone to the clutter in your purse… now is the best time to declutter and reorganise. Plus, you’ll be saving yourself from doing it later, when it all piles up and gets too much to handle.

7. Read a book

What better than losing yourself in a good Harry Potter series? Or do you like Salman Rushdie more? Either way, reading lets you disconnect and enjoy some stressfree moments.

8. Learn a new language

Take your love for pasta and croissants to a whole new level by learning Italian or French. With apps like Memrise, HelloTalk, Duolingo, Babbel at your fingertips, become the master of your favourite languages. So next time your co-worker compliments you, say ‘merci’, not thank you!

9. Make your to-do list

Instead of stressing about all the tasks you have to do in a day, grab a pen and make a list. Jotting it all down makes it easier for you to plan your day and also ensure that you don’t miss a thing.

So, go on, pick one of the six productivity tasks and turn your day around. Also, don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments section below.

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