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The 8 C’s Of Lockdown #CommunityBlogger

. 3 min read . Written by Radhika Ghosh
The 8 C’s Of Lockdown #CommunityBlogger

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The unprecedented time that has ushered in with the outbreak of the global pandemic has been quite a life-changing experience for all of us. Life has suddenly come to a standstill. Many of us are facing challenges we could never even imagine, let alone be prepared for. The constant news updates, the extreme critical condition of the entire world, the very basic concern about the health and security of our near and dear ones – all of these can take a toll on our mental state. 

In a situation like this it is natural for one to feel depressed and vulnerable. However, it doesn’t mean this is the end of the possibility of your having a productive life filled with contentment and happiness. 

Follow the 9 C’s of lockdown to go beyond the negativity, and see the other side of this lockdown, where the grass might be a little greener. 

8 Things You Can And Should Do During The Lockdown

1. Create: Rekindle your old passions. Pick up that old guitar, unearth that long lost diary where you used to scribble poems and stories, clean out that art palette…and start creating! 

2. Connect: Try calling up your friends and relatives whom you might have lost touch with. Communicate with them. Share your opinions or experiences. Spread hope. You never know, a single call could not only improve your own mood, but really uplift theirs and make their day. 

3. Clean: Along with cleaning out the drawers and shelves that have been untouched for years, keep some time allotted to cleanse your mind too. Unlearn destructive conditionings you’ve learned over the years. Work on breaking negative thought patterns. Declutter your mind of harmful information, emotions, and thoughts. Indulge in meditation, yoga therapy, maintaining a daily journal, or anything that helps you be more calm, content and mindful. 

4. Collaborate: Team up with your colleagues or friends to start an online venture or a simple project. It might be as small as hosting an online live session or starting a  communal blog, or something more challenging like launching a new brand in something you all are interested in together. It’ll feel good to feel like you’re a part of something, especially if it’s a project you’re passionate about, with people you like spending time with. Put on your thinking caps, and get that creativity flowing! 

5. Choose: Be aware of what you consume, not only regarding the food intake but also about the kind of information you consume. Choose what is important for 

you to know about. Filter out the unnecessary and irrelevant content. 

6. Change: Amidst all the unwanted changes bring some desirable changes to your life too. Upskill yourself. There’s a plethora of online courses available at affordable prices. Get yourself enrolled as per your interest or requirements. Knowledge never goes wasted. Who knows? What you learn today might be rewarding tomorrow! 

7. Care: Be kind to others, even strangers. You never know what baggage the other person might be carrying. Offer a helping hand, even if it’s a virtual one. Be sympathetic. Be human. 

8. Cheer: Cheer up! The world has not come to an end. Doomsday is not really round the corner. Be hopeful. Be happy! Spread positivity and good vibes. 

Be grateful for all that you have right now. Your mundane reality might be someone’s idea of unattainable luxury. Now, when everything is in a state of uncertainty and flux, hold on to the necessities of life. Against all adversities, humanity will fight back and so shall you. Till then keep your hopes high, and your spirits higher! 

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