The Ultimate Guide To Making A Living Through Blogging

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
The Ultimate Guide To Making A Living Through Blogging

Blogging can be lucrative.

Yes, you read that right! 

No more frowning and agreeing when someone says, “but passion doesn’t earn money”. 

Keep that belief aside and hear us for a moment.

Blogging has been looked at as a fulfilling hobby because one gets to express what they are passionate about. However, it can also be  a great way to make money on the side or even become a full-time job. Who doesn’t like to be their own boss, right? 

Here are 5 few ways in which you can monetise your blog  

The next 5 points will become valid once you have started blogging and have readership. If you are starting out, you will first need to build an audience. However, if that’s settled, then what follows next will take you a step closer to making money out of your passion. 

Here we go! 

1. Offer Services 

Offering services is the most natural way to start monetising your blog. Blogs can be a great way of reaching out to a varied audience in more than one way. If you are a teacher, you can offer coaching services. If you are a full time writer, you can offer writing and editing services. Your blog is about food? How about offering catering services? You were a marketer in your previous job? Then you can offer consultancy services. 

Use your blog to offer help to others through a skill or a talent and create a personal brand out of it. 

2. Write Sponsored Posts 

Writing sponsored posts or reviewing products can be a great way of earning money through blogging. It’s a highly effective way of reaching a newer audience for both parties involved.

And it doesn’t have to be inauthentic- review only those products and services that you believe in, which gives you more reason to talk about it.

Such reviews will also add tangible value to your audience, which is excellent for retaining readership. 

3. Host Sponsored Contests

If you believe in a company’s work and its products, you can host contests and use their products as giveaways, something which benefits both the parties.

The companies will advertise your platform by advertising the contest, which will generate traffic for you and you will increase sales for them in case the gift receivers return as recurring customers.

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4. Sell Ads 

Unlike sponsored posts, when you sell ads, you are not making any promises to your readers. You are simply giving brands space to put up the ads.

The more people click on the ads, the more you’ll earn.

Just make sure that you tie up with brands which are relevant to your blog and its theme. Make sure that the ads are serving your target audience well. You will have to go through a vetting process to be eligible for ads and at the same time, it is advised that you apply for it once you start getting 100 unique visitors per day. 

5. Build community 

If your blog has a lot of readership, then, you can charge a small fee to admit readers to closed groups which gives them additional info, hot deals, or access to networks.

One crucial aspect of this would be maintaining the safety of your group members through tough screening tests or moderators.  


While nothing can take away from the fact that great writing is the only way you can attract readers and retain them, there is so much more to the business of blogging for it to be able to sustain your livelihood.. 

Blogging is about being able to write without any constraints. And if you can earn while doing it, it’ll only make it easier for you to focus on your writing full-time. So, what say, fellow writer. Ready to go on a blogging adventure?

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