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These 5 planning apps will make 2023 your most productive year ever

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
These 5 planning apps will make 2023 your most productive year ever

You start your workday determined to finish everything on your to-do list and getting things on track. Cut to five hours later, and you are still at work, not even halfway done… sounds familiar? Welcome to the club!

Life is hectic, crazily chaotic and a lot needs to be done! We get that, but you need a solution to ensure that you stay on top of your game. Sometimes, the best way to get out of the rut is to turn to productivity tools. They not just help you stay on track, but also lets you plan better and keep the stress at bay.

We’ve sifted through some of the best apps, available for your phone and on your desktop, to help increase your productivity and organise things better. Try them out and thank us later.

For the creative thinker

If you are looking for a solution to put all your creative ideas, work deadlines and daily inspiration in one place, Dreamie Planner is the answer. The app helps break down your schedule into a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routine so that things don’t pile up all at once.

Kool Kanya Loves: The colourful interface provides multiple themes that you can experiment with depending on the kind of project you are working on. Think of this as a digital diary of sorts, with personalised widgets to make productivity look super fun.

Download: For Android

For the management queen

If you are already an organisation wiz, you don’t need to look beyond Todoist. The app helps you sync everything with ease, so much so that you’ll actually look forward to making your to-do list. There are additional options to change the theme, and the helpful side panel displaying your Inbox, tasks that you have lined up today, and for the next seven days allows you to plan for an entire week, well in advance.

Kool Kanya Loves: There’s a feature in the business version that lets you segregate your own to-do list and everything that has been assigned to others, so you can manage your team with perfect ease.

Download: For Android; For iPhone

For the girl on-the-move

Whether you are a blogger, a journalist, a salesperson or simply someone who doesn’t spend too much stuck behind a computer, PlannerPro is the perfect on-the-go app. With all your emails and tasks synced here, via multiple accounts, you can also add your co-workers to the to-do list and make sure nothing gets missed.

Kool Kanya Loves: The purple, easy-to-use interface makes the whole thing look super classy and fun. Plus points for the added note-taking feature that lets you mark your progress and highlight the important bits.

Download: For Android; For iPhone

For the deadline-chaser

Organising things on an app is great, but what about time management. Sectograph lets you monitor the exact amount of time you are spending on each task, making it a great time management tool. It’ll also help you understand what’s your most productive time during the day, so you can schedule all your laborious tasks for them, keeping the fun ones for later.

Kool Kanya Loves: We love the analog clock widget that can be customised for style and colour to fit your vibe.

Download: For Android

For the to-do list newbie

If you find yourself setting multiple alarms throughout the day, reminding yourself of each one of your tasks, we’ve got the perfect solution. The is the digital reminder journal that’s going to keep your work on track. Simply sync your email account, and let the app send out timely reminders to go ahead and get work done. That’s not all, it also reminds you to respond to all those calls that you’ve missed, so that you are constantly updated.

Kool Kanya Loves: The app takes personalisation to an all new level, letting you colour manage all your tasks and put them in specific folders.

Download: For Android; For iPhone

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