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This checklist will help you prepare for your next job interview

. 2 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
This checklist will help you prepare for your next job interview

Let’s face it, job interviews are stressful! Just the idea of sitting across from a bunch of people who are there to judge your professional acumen is stressful. If you are looking for a job and want to create a good impression on your potential employer, take some time out to prepare for the interview. Preparing in advance will give you a chance to think of all the bad things that can happen and be ready to tackle them.

Here’s a checklist that focuses on how you can prepare for an interview. Get set going.

Research about the company before the interview

Conducting basic research on the company you are probably going to work at is essential. This will help you learn more about what the company does and what is expected of you. So do a basic google search and see what comes up before you go for the interview. Check out their official website and LinkedIn pages for more industry-related insights and also talk to any current or ex-employees you may know from the company. This will help you get a sense of the general work culture of the organisation.

Research about the person taking your interview

Most companies mention the name of the interviewer in their email invite for interviews. If there is a name mentioned, you might as well get to know him or her before you sit across them. Again a basic Google search can help a great deal. Most senior employees will also have an updated LinkedIn profile. Knowing your interviewer in advance even if just virtually will help you be prepared for what you can expect. Plus you may also learn some of their likes and dislikes that can help you make small talk during the interview.

Re-check your resume before the interview

Make sure your resume is updated and not only should it have all your latest credentials and achievements but you should also know what is in there. It is important that you know everything you’ve written on your resume and can answer all kinds of questions about it. So read well before you set foot to give another interview to avoid any contradictions, spelling errors, etc.

Ask the HR if you have to carry any documents

Some organisations may want to see all your certifications while others may ask you to get along a hard copy of your resume. It depends on what the organisation demands. In some cases, it also depends on the kind of job you are applying for. For instance, for the role of a graphic designer or visualiser, the interviewer.

Prepare some standard answers for the interview

If you’ve made some off-beat choices in your career, there will surely be questions so prepare a plan to tackle them. You must know how to tackle the questions that your resume may arise such as any year gaps, field changes or the lack of consistency. This is often a cause of worry for many and if you don’t provide a valid and confident answer to this question, you might surely be rejected no matter how much they love your work.