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Top 10 free courses to sign up for as a freelancer

. 5 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Top 10 free courses to sign up for as a freelancer

For freelancers who work in isolation, connected only through a computer screen, it is essential to build a system that allows you to update yourself with the latest trends and developments in the industry.

Most industries evolve rapidly and it’s only possible to keep yourself up-to-date by learning and adapting. While being on the job will give you hands on experience, expert knowledge comes from being part of specialised workshops, sessions or courses that’ll give you an in-depth understanding of how a certain niche functions. To let yourself grow, learn and adapt, it is important to be part of activities that’ll provide the appropriate knowledge.

To keep yourself abreast and never go out of the workforce as a freelancer, here are the top 10 free courses to sign up for. Find something that interests you and you never know what opportunity awaits.

Personal and business networking skills

While it’s tough to teach people the art of networking, a few tips and tricks will help surely guide you through the process that can be extremely rewarding in any field. For a freelancers looking out for opportunities, networking is even more important. So enrol for this online course that’ll help you maximise your worth and bring in more business.

Attend if:

As a freelancer you are looking to promote your service or business and want more opportunities but are not very good at communication. Check out the course here.

Contract and finances

As a freelancer, it’ll be of great help if you know the nitty-gritties of finance. This will save you the added cost of hiring an accountant and will also acquaint you with the best way to save up while you accelerate your business.

Attend if:

You have no idea about how much money matters and want to learn to save, file your own taxes and manage money. Check this course out here.

Work-life balance

Struggling constantly to make the most of the time on hands? Well, here’s a course that’ll give you tips and tricks on maintaining the perfect work-life balance. From flexible work environments to better work=life integration and how to beat barriers for effectiveness, this course will really help.

Attend if:

You need some inspiration on tackling work-life challenges and keeping your personal life afloat too. Check this course out here.

Learning analytics and performance ROI

If you work for a website or digital initiative, you need to learn about the game analytics plays. Learning analytics and how it affects performance ROI plays an important role in increasing business and a crash course in the subject will really help.

Attend if:

If you have a background in digital media or website/e-commerce models this course will prove beneficial. Check it out here.

Data readiness for AI

Considering how important data and artificial intelligence have become in our lives today, getting basic knowledge of the subject will only help. In business and personal life, all machine learning models are data-driven. But what about the data quality of machine-learning? Here’s a webinar that offers insights into the debate of data quality, how data can be measured and what are some challenges faced by the community. This will help participants get an idea of what data works for their AI models.

Attend if:

You are a fresher or entry level employee in the analytics field, product manager, project leader or research manager that’ll benefit from this webinar. Here’s the link to the webinar.

Sales tech

Sales Execution in the Modern World: With markets changing at lightning speed and online becoming a strong medium of influencing consumer behaviour, it is important to understand how sales technology functions in the modern world. This technology helps companies collect relevant data and reach out to targeted audiences via several modes as technology helps refine sales. It will also enable you to utilise all the sales tools easily available. To gain more info on sales tech and automation, this webinar will be of great help.

Attend if:

You want to learn about sales tech and automation, lead a sales team and get insights into tech sales. Check the webinar out here.

Branding in the Instagram era

Branding is an all-new ballgame in the Instagram era where visual appeal can make or break a product’s perception. Depending on what type of product you are advocating, there are several things that could help build your brand especially in the Instagram era. Instagram is obviously an important tool here. We’ve shortlisted two webinars that’ll show you exactly how you can build a successful brand with Instagram.

Attend if:

You are a brand manager, digital marketer or anyone who remotely even deals with brand identities and how to market them. Here’s where you can find the course.

Social innovation

Here’s a free course on how to make a difference with social initiatives. Whether you have a familiar background or not, social innovation or social entrepreneurship will help you make a social impact by associating with organisations’ solving complex problems and coming up with interesting solutions.

Attend if:

You want to  discover the field of social innovation. Check this course out here.

Why move towards cleaner power

Considering how conservation is becoming a big part of social conversations, it is important to know about the need to move to clean power and renewable energy. Not only does this course talk about the importance of clean power but also gives solutions to the rising problem and hence a great education.

Attend if:

If the subject interests you and you care about the environment or you work in an organisation that is connected with clean power resources, find the course here.

Build confidence with self-promotion

You may be amazing at your work but not showcasing it sometimes doesn’t give it the mileage it deserves. So here’s a course that’ll help you build enough confidence to speak about your work and promote yourself. As a freelancer, this might become a handy tool that’ll open you to several new opportunities.

Attend if:

You are a freelancer and don’t know how to showcase your products or services. Check out the course here.