Top 8 women-owned Indian beauty brands to add to your makeup kit

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Top 8 women-owned Indian beauty brands to add to your makeup kit

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, they say. And nothing rings truer – it’s empowering to take matters of beauty into your own hands and be your own muse.

The Indian beauty and wellness industry is witnessing a boom at the moment – according to a report, this market was estimated at $950 million as of 2020, and it’s only getting bigger.

Though we’re aware of the big players in the beauty and skincare game – we’re talking Lakme, Maybelline, L'oreal, and the likes – there’s nothing quite interesting like the range of new Indian makeup and skincare brands in the market today. From vegan makeup to organic skincare, there is a wide variety of products to choose from, with each solving a problem that has been ignored by the mainstream for long. And the best part? Many of them are women-owned businesses.

So, without further ado, here’s a non-exhaustive list of the top cosmetic and skincare companies in India. Nearly all the cosmetic brands in this list are cruelty-free.

Kiro Clean Beauty

Founded by Vasundhara Patni, Kiro is positioned as a clean beauty brand that is aimed towards makeup enthusiasts who are careful about what they put on their skin.

Whether it’s their liquid matte lipsticks or brightening eye shadow sticks, highlighters or kajal, Kiro products come infused with skin-friendly ingredients such as avocado oil, vitamin C, and jojoba oil among others. Kiro is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand.

Check it out here.

Ruby’s Organics

Ruby’s Organics is another amazing addition to the list of new makeup brands in India. Founded by Rubeina Karachiwalla, the idea behind the brand was to bring alternative, more organic and natural cosmetic options that would be less harmful for the skin. The brand boasts of products like foundation, concealer, kajal, liquid eyeshadows, and a unique, vegan lip oil gloss. Staying true to its desi roots, the brand is formulated to suit Indian skin tones. It’s also cruelty-free!

Check it out here.

Lovechild by Masaba

We’re all familiar with Masaba Gupta, the multi-hyphenate who has been ruling as a designer for over a decade. Recently, she launched her own wellness brand, Lovechild by Masaba, which reflects her story and style. Whether it’s her creamy mattes, her liquid lipsticks, her range of spunky nail enamel or even anti-anxiety oil, what makes Masaba stand out is the wide range of skin tones that her products cater to. Do keep an eye out for her expanding range of products!

Check it out here.

Juicy Chemistry

Co-founded by Pritish and Megha Asher, Juicy Chemistry is a brand known for its 100% natural and organic products. Upon failing to find skincare for her acne-prone skin thanks to PCOS, Megha and Pritish decided to delve into the organic product market, and Juicy Chemistry was born.

Today, Juicy Chemistry lists over 100 products that solve all your skincare problems. Whether it’s acne, dry skin, a flaky scalp, or pigmented lips, Juicy Chemistry has a s0lution for everything.

Check it out here.

Renée Cosmetics

Founded by Aashka Goradia, Renee Cosmetics aims to provide a range of products that bring out your confident and empowered side. Renee Cosmetics also happens to be one of the many cruelty-free brands in India. Don’t forget to sneak a peek at their innovative 5-in-1 lipstick!

Check it out here.


Foxtale is founded by Romita Mazumdar, and promises to provide quality skincare for the varied needs of Indian women – ones often ignored by bigger Indian beauty brands. From cleansers and face washes to sunscreen and brightening vitamin C serum, Foxtale covers all your basic needs and gives you happy, healthy skin.

Check it out here.

FAE Beauty

Karishma Kewalramani founded FAE Beauty with the aim to make all its customers feel included and celebrated. FAE, which stands for Free And Equal, promises that all its products – whether it’s their lip gloss, their 2-in-1 brow gel and mascara, or their lipsticks – suit every Indian skin tone. FAE Beauty is PETA certified and has vegan, cruelty-free products.

Check it out here.

Gush Beauty

An up and coming beauty brand in India, Gush Beauty has a wide range of products. Founded by Sheil Jain, a Gen Z entrepreneur, Gush Beauty has a fuss-free approach to makeup and creates products that reflect these values. Whether you’re looking for pimple patches or an illuminating moisturiser; whether you want a felt tip liner or a gorgeous lip kit to treat yourself with, Gush has you covered. And yes, this brand is vegan and cruelty-free.

Check it out here.

This list has just a few of the many women-owned businesses in India today. These new-age, indie makeup and skincare brands understand your need for good quality makeup. Gone are the days when the limited shades of foundation in stores forced you to accept an ashy and washed up appearance. These brands are here to make you look and feel beautiful, so add these to cart now!

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