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We Asked Team Kool Kanya: What Do You Want Independence From In 2021?

. 5 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
We Asked Team Kool Kanya: What Do You Want Independence From In 2021?

Independence Day holds a number of different meanings for each of us.

For the patriotic lot, the day brings out feelings of joy and pride. For those who enjoy mid-week holidays (sadly, not in 2021), it brings excitement. But most of all, this day pushes us to reflect upon what independence means to us

Independence Day brings with it infinite meanings and interpretations, all of which hold a certain importance in our lives. 

So, I asked team Kool Kanya what it means to them! 

I asked them a simple question: What do you want independence from in 2021?

Here’s what they said.

Self-Doubt And Fear

Self-doubt and fear often plague us as freshers because we’re constantly trying to prove our mettle. But unfortunately, it doesn’t get much easier as you climb up the career ladder.

Hear it from those who wish to be free of it this Independence Day:

“I want independence from my own negative self who holds me back every time I want to try something new and do something that scares me.” – Sharin Bhatti, Content Strategy Consultant

“I want the independence to change one’s choice of career without the fear of losing out on growing.” – Tanya Shetty Nair, Head of Human Resources

“I want independence from society’s judgements on career choices. It’s no one’s business to comment on someone’s life when not asked for in the first place!” – Abhishek Munian, Digital Marketer

“In 2021, I want to be free of doubt, fear, and the limits I set for myself personally or professionally. I want to fail forward, learn, pick up, and grow. I also want independence from my caffeine habit!” – Samanta Bahl, Strategic Alliances 

We Asked Team Kool Kanya: What Do You Want Independence From In 2021?

Anxiety And Imposter Syndrome

Managing anxiety with a full-time job is, well, a full-time job!

No matter how well you’re doing, it’s hard to get rid of that nagging voice at the back of your head telling you that you’re not working, doing, or being enough.

This Independence Day, why not vow to get rid of it?

“I’d like independence from thinking of myself as a failure. Before I even try something, I tend to make up my mind that I’m going to fail, which is not a good habit. It takes a toll on my mental health. I want to transform into a person who is more confident and believes in himself.” – Siddhesh Suman Singh, Digital Marketing & SEO Executive

“I’d want independence from stress and anxiety! No matter how freeing the environment I’m in, how positive the situation, or how life-changing the experience, I’ve never felt, or had the chance to feel more independent and free than when I’ve been in a mental space that’s free of stress and anxiety.” – Sanjana Bhagwat, Social Media Manager

We Asked Team Kool Kanya: What Do You Want Independence From In 2021?

Workplace Inconsistencies

The pandemic has taught us things about workplace culture like nothing else has.

Overnight, we started working from home, having virtual parties and meetings and orientations and farewells. Why not re-look at some other practices and declare them void too?

“I want independence from micromanaging bosses. I like working at my own pace while making sure that I meet my deadlines. It would feel good to continue having that instead of having a boss who might try to micromanage and disrupt my daily schedule and flow. I’ve had that in my previous job and I would not want the experience again!” – Oindrilla Gupta, Content Writer

“I want independence from taking too many opinions to make a decision and to be able to act on it fast. Delay in work decisions can lead to loss of momentum, which impacts performance.” – Shruti Jolly, Community Strategy Lead

We Asked Team Kool Kanya: What Do You Want Independence From In 2021?

And, Of Course, The Problems Of Today

In today’s day and age, it’s hard to separate ourselves from what’s happening around us; for those who have managed to come face to face with it have some things they’d like to say and try their best to practice.

“I want independence from having spent years looking at my life as content. My relationship with social media has never been truly positive, but the overwhelming commodification of the ordinary in digital spaces over the last decade has really affected my ability to be myself on the internet. This year, I intend to relax, not to take myself too seriously, and undermine the voice in my head that tells me to perform.” – Priyanka Sutaria, Community Content Manager

We Asked Team Kool Kanya: What Do You Want Independence From In 2021?

“This Independence Day, I wish that people would stop hating each other on the basis of their beliefs and who they are. That should solve most of the problems the world is facing today.” – Ashutosh Bharadwaj, Head of Marketing

“I want independence from this COVID-induced life! I feel stuck and life’s just not moving right now. I also want independence from being dependent on my parents, as I have done this whole time quarantining at home. Feels like I’m back to square one at almost 28!” – Sakshi Batra, Video Lead, Social Media & Marketing

This Independence Day, take a moment to reflect upon the things that make you feel independent, content, and maybe even happy. We surely will!

What do you wish to be independent from this year? We’d love to hear it! Tell us in the comments below. 

Entries have been edited for length and clarity.

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