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Your 2023 career tarot reading

. 12 min read . Written by Neha Badlani
Your 2023 career tarot reading

Last updated: 30th December, 2022

Welcome to 2023! To help you start this year on the right note, we’ve got your career tarot reading for the whole year of 2023 for you. Here’s tarot card reader and soulstarguide Neha Badlani to chart out your career tarot reading for the year 2023 to help you make the right moves at work this year.


Theme of the year: New beginnings and possibilities                                   Advice: Remain grounded; take care of your overall well-being

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Aries! Bask in the glory! The success of new projects and the fulfilment of dreams will come about this year if you play it smart. Castles in the sky could become a reality. Those searching for jobs could be pleasantly surprised or an internet or technology-related opportunity could end up making you money. Your upbeat, enthusiastic new aura will make you attractive on the social scene and help you network brilliantly career- and business-wise. Don't dismiss your intuition. Positive thoughts and actions will be well rewarded. This is a good time to embark on new challenges and tasks, as you utilise this rush of inspiration. If you have been afraid of taking on more responsibilities, now is the moment to push past these fears; this is particularly true if you work in a creative field. Love and happiness, marriage, reunions, and celebrations can also arrive on the personal front; make merry!


Theme of the year: Smart decision-making for progress                               Advice: Let go of self-created doubts and worries

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Taurus! Wake up! You may become consumed by an idea or a project against the advice of others, so be sure to follow your instincts this year. Some may become obsessed with getting rich or wanting expensive luxuries, which is fine, but also look into the more emotional aspects of your life’s journey, lest you get carried away. Be careful to avoid get-rich-quick schemes in particular, no matter how great they sound, and avoid overspending and gambling. If someone is bullying you at work or in business, stand tall and be strong. Do not play the victim. Are you finally ready to let go of those limiting, negative beliefs, or are you allowing the issues in your life to become bigger than they really are? When you learn to let go of the worry, despair, and sense of hopelessness, a positive new way or path will be shown to you – and this is a great time to turn a new leaf! Take action towards your goals and trust that your soul and the power of the spirit will grasp you firmly by the hand and guide you, but you must take the first step toward healing and let go of the mental distress. Don't suffer in silence - reach out for the help that's available.


Theme of the year: Claiming your power                                                         Advice: Wait for the perfect timing

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Gemini! Loosen up! You're opening up to new possibilities. You're the queen of the castle and your roar will be heard all over the office, at business meetings, and even socially. Don't let anyone get in your way. You're on a mission to get to the top no matter what. Your dreams of fame, great wealth, and luxury are of utmost importance now. Timing is crucial. You'll prove that you're a survivor against the odds. You want to lead a more fulfilling life so have the courage to follow your own destiny. You'll bring what you need into your life and achieve your goals. You may be hesitant about some aspects of your life but remember, without change, life will become stagnant and perhaps without purpose. Your restless energy manifests this year, meaning you won't be able to stay still. Fast-paced activities and plenty of options will feed the fuel of your desire for freedom and wide spaces. Travel stands out and visits to wild and wonderful destinations are likely for work and leisure.


Theme of the year: Rely on your own inner resources                                   Advice: Let the old go so the new can surface!

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Cancer! You know what you want! Don't let anyone interfere with your decisions. This year shows that you have the answers within and the help you need to make necessary changes for the future. You'll know the right path and gain wisdom on the way. A reluctance to let go of some relationships is being reviewed and you're becoming aware of an unconscious knowledge that you always possessed but never acted on. Remember, important life lessons have been learned and there are no relationship mistakes. Don't let others sway you from your new direction. You'll make the right relationship and professional choices. This year will inspire money-making ideas or new career paths. Important long-term shifts are coming about – you'll build a strong and stable future for yourself. You'll be positively surprised by how life can change for the better – keep the momentum going with a targeted focus. Spread your wings, your time has come!


Theme of the year: Patience for change to blossom                                       Advice: Move out of your comfort zone

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Leo! Work your magic! You're the creator, and the seeds that have been planted in the past - whether they were happiness, comfort, abundance, prosperity, family, children, ideas, or even thoughts - are now ready to give birth into your world. Be patient as you watch your seeds take root and grow. Nurture them as they become strong and healthy. As you interact with others around you now, or even if you're in the midst of solving a problem, use gentle care and kindness as you handle such situations. Many of you have fallen in a rut and are scared of change. It's time to take risks and be assertive, bold, and daring. Get out of your comfort zone. A new way of living is opening up for you, new experiences and lots of travel will be presented and most of all, you'll be free from worries and burdens. The energy of this year encourages you to reinvent yourself. Learning new skills, studying, and improving yourself will see you attract outstanding opportunities. Now is an excellent time for new ventures and complete career changes. New jobs will manifest for some while others will find new projects exciting. Freshen up with a cosmetic makeover, new hairdo, or clothes.


Theme of the year: Taking risks
Advice: Take a leap of faith

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Virgo! Make room for happiness! Stability and strength surround the changes now taking place as you're in charge of your circumstances. The key is to have faith and be optimistic. Opportunities for strong career growth will be welcomed. Money wins are not uncommon so be in it to win it. Take a weekly lotto entry or take part in other games of chance. Have a little flutter. You also seem to be at the right place at the right time to snare that certain deal, job, or another opportunity. It's time for you to take a brave leap of faith but be prepared as you do so. A great new adventure is awaiting you. It usually shows up when there's a significant inner change happening within you. It's a sign that those important choices are needed and are about to be made and should be carefully pondered as you proceed with wisdom, thought, and care. Life is constantly trying to nudge and move you forward. At times, it can be daunting when you're faced with a new adventure or direction; therefore, it calls for inner belief and courage as you step into the unknown. During this time, don't be alarmed if you feel lost or even confused. Most people are afraid of change and play it safe by staying where they are – be risky and take the bold moves.


Theme of the year: Good news and outcomes                                                 Advice: Remain adaptable to different possibilities

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Libra! Time to celebrate! Your wishes are coming true. Are you ready? Happiness, success, good health, completion, and accomplishment of your dreams and goals are in the palm of your hand. This is the right time to heal those past memories that have been holding you hostage. Forgive others and yourself so that your wishes, desires, and goals have a clear, unobstructed path to your heart, soul, and life. Your aura will become electric and your faith will increase dramatically. This year also symbolises positive change. You may find yourself with new perspectives on what you want in your future. There'll be constant change but you'll accomplish your goals with ease. Self-doubt about your future will disappear and a new-found strength and confidence will shine through. Life will be like a roller-coaster at times. You may experience many twists and turns as well as thrills along the way. Know when to take a break from the ride so as to avoid burnout. Enjoy living life to the full and make each day count!


Theme of the year: Embrace change
Advice: Learn from past mistakes

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Scorpio! Let it go! The past is over and with that, the past version of you. Regenerate from the ashes and start a new one. Some of you may be feeling restless in your job but staying put for security reasons or in a dead-end job where you dream about what you really want to do. Your opportunity is just around the corner. You have to remember that the key to success in life is loving who you are with and what you're doing. Go with the flow and see how wonderful life can be. Feelings of restlessness and impatience surround you. You're longing for change and although one door may be closing, don't focus all of your energy on it, as an opportunity will soon knock. A window or another door could quickly open, and if your attention and awareness aren’t focused, you could easily miss it. Watch for synchronistic events that bring books, speakers, workshops, and new people into your life. Any of these could possibly hold a message for you. Have faith in divine timing, and know that everything changes for a reason. It's a perfect time to re-evaluate and search within your heart and soul for fresh insights.


Theme of the year: Looking for the meaning of life
Advice: Take back control of your life

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Sagittarius! Look deeper! On a physical level, it's easy to get caught up in the materialistic world, but it's just as important to retreat from the outside world to enable you to pause, reflect, and heal. Schedule some alone time so you can commune with your soul and give yourself the opportunity to restore your energy level, giving you the vitality to move forward in a positive direction. There have been feelings of wanting to escape. Negative feelings will no longer serve you and it's time to accept what you must do to make your life fuller. A change in priorities, creative exploration, or new adventures is likely, especially in the area of self-discovery. What seemed important to you before may no longer be on your bucket list as you have grown as a person. For some, a fear of travel or change can come about, but solutions may be coming. Relocation or movement could be on the horizon, after the period of rest in the first half of the year. Remember, you are in complete control of your destination. A new job is likely and a course of study is also on the cards. This is not a time to sit on the fence – know what will serve you and move accordingly!


Theme of the year: Renewed life force
Advice: Practical choices are needed

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Capricorn! Go for the win!. Creative endeavours, enthusiasm, positive energy, and renewed spiritual strength are at an all-time high. Be all that you can be, reach inside, and tap into that force. Use it to move forward and set up a strong foundation for the future. Other people may feel your excitement and joy and begin to benefit from the spark of life that's emanating from you. They'll wonder, "What's your secret?" and your energy could even ignite their own spiritual journey. Follow your intuition, but know that this is your time to spread your wings and fly. This is an excellent time to buy or sell real-estate. You could make some decent money on a sale or even purchase your dream home or investment. Be sure to do your homework and have an understanding of the current market trends. You must take the necessary precautions where legal issues are concerned on all new projects. Money gains are likely on the stock exchange and money-making ideas come to fruition. Care does need to be taken with anything sounding too good to be true, because it probably is. Career offers could land in your lap, but review and asses options, as people are out to get you. All in all, a favourable year with a focus on wealth and success.


Theme of the year: A period of transition and change
Advice: Find the middle path

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Aquarius! Change your perspective! The energy represents self-sacrifice and a time when you should look around your life to see what needs to be released. By surrendering and letting go, there'll be more room to receive. The rewards for this are transformation, wisdom, gratitude, and enlightenment. There's a situation happening (or about to occur) in your life, and you can't control the outcome. This would be a good moment to pause, rest, have patience, reflect, and meditate. It would be wise to stand back so you can learn to look at events with a more understanding, intuitive eye. Try to view people, issues, or problems from a different perspective. If you can achieve this, it'll have a profound effect on your soul and your life. The solutions you seek may be slow in coming, for it could be necessary to dive into the answers. Accept the things that you can't control, heal and leave the past behind, move towards your future, and watch for new doors opening and paths that are being shown to you. Reinventing yourself with a new attitude, new hobbies or even a new diet will be positive. In fact, with a little adjustment, the start of a new business is likely, new jobs are exciting and it can be a time of action career-wise. Listen to what your heart is telling you and which direction you're being drawn to. You know your true passion in life and by listening and acting on your instincts, you can plant the seeds for a positive new life chapter. It's time to kick those major goals!


Theme of the year: Planning life-long goals
Advice: Move forward fearlessly

Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Hey Pisces! Get ready for victory! Whether you're setting new goals, developing ideas, or planning a journey, it's essential that it's carefully thought out. When you tap into your inner guidance and balance it with self-control, hard work, and perseverance, it's likely to manifest a triumphant outcome. It's time for you to be single-minded and focussed on the end goal. Visualise the successful results as if they were happening right now. When you've achieved what you set out to do, your ability to meet other life challenges will be significantly increased. When you try to move forward without balance, direction, or guidance, it's easy to slip off your intended path and be drawn away from your desired goal. Now is not the time to let go or allow the river of life to pull you in its current, as you can so easily lose control. Grab your oars, grip them tightly, and steer carefully toward your highest aim or destination. You don't have to be alone with all of life's ups and downs and the challenges that face you. This is a time to tap into the powerful knowledge of others, as well as to use the inner resources that are within you. Declutter your life as soon as possible to remove old energy. New opportunities are waiting to come in so get ready. Delete all old emails and tidy your desk. Throw out anything that is not being used, or is broken or shabby. Revamp your life!

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Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

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