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Your 2023 love tarot reading

. 10 min read . Written by Neha Gujral
Your 2023 love tarot reading

Last updated: 31st December, 2022

Welcome to 2023! To help you start this year on the right note, we’ve got your love tarot reading for the whole year of 2023 for you. Here’s tarot card reader Neha Gujral (@moon2soultarot) to chart out your relationship tarot reading for the year 2023 to help you make the right moves in your love life this year.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

You will achieve all that you want or that your heart desires in your love life. Don’t waste your time or energy on anything that’s doesn’t seem to be worthy of you. Just focus all your attention and positive energy on manifesting the right person and the right relationship for yourself.

If you have been facing challenges in your relationship, now you'll get the ability to see things clearly, to resolve the present issues and to make the right decisions. Be careful not to get manipulated by anyone; use your own brain. Your gut feeling and intuition will guide you rightly. This relationship can be life-changing, but it totally depends upon you in what manner.

Singles - You will soon be in a whirlwind romance. But how long this relationship will stand depends upon how you both take this relationship. Hey Aries, all you have to do is be honest, have a clear communication and trust and listen to your intuition.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Your love life can be little shaky this year. If you have been overly nice and giving in the relationship, now is the time to stand up and speak for yourself. This relationship can’t be run by a single person. You are tired of facing such daily issues in your relationship. Take a decision; don’t delay it as not taking any decision can be unfavourable for you. These small issues can turn into bigger ones in the future.

You need to accept what your heart or gut is telling you because it’s all about your safety and security. If possible, sit together and consider the pros and cons of the matter and try to come to an agreement. And if it’s you who's being overly dramatic or attention seeking, then you need to stop this behaviour and act maturely to save this relationship.

Singles - Time to come out of your past relationship. First, you need time to heal and rejuvenate yourself. Only then, can you look out for a new relationship.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

This new year will bring you a lot of mental clarity with regards to your relationship. You will get to the truth of the matter and break through the fog that has been clouding your ability to see things clearly which will help you take the right decisions in your relationship. If there have been issues or challenges in the past, they will soon be resolved.

Your relationship will move to the next level. You can look forward to happy times or events to celebrate in your relationship. If you’re thinking of any engagement or wedding plans, then it’s a very positive sign. You will be able to spend some quality time together and attend many parties. There have been doubts about your future in the past, but now, you should be confident in your relationship as there is no better time than the present to progress.  

Singles - Someone from the past may come back into your life. You might gain some clear perspective after clear communication. Regardless of whether it is right or wrong, this comeback will be full of laughter, happiness and celebrations.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

Don’t focus your energy on what’s missing in the relationship, and don’t be complacent with your person. This will not be beneficial for your relationship because by doing so, you are overlooking many blessings in your relationship. Don’t compare yourself or your relationship with someone else’s. Everyone is not the same, and situations vary from person to person.

You will notice that when you bring change in your relationship, things will change positively and how the equation between you will change. There are many big and small things to acknowledge in the relationship. Celebrate them and celebrate love every day. Be grateful for what you have and don’t complain about what’s missing. You are going to have many celebrations and happy times together. There is a chance that you may take your relationship to the next level of commitment.

Singles - You may get a chance to sort things out in your past relationship. And this may lead to reconciliation in the future.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

You may need to work upon yourself and your relationship if you want this relationship to work. There have been a lot of things happening within you and you like to keep it within yourself. Try to speak up for yourself; it is going to help you. Or, try to have a comfortable conversation with your friends, family or with someone you trust and ask them for their advice. Sometimes, venting out your feelings and emotions is all that you need.

In fact, there is a chance that it may help you solve problems or find the right path. Then, you can discuss it with your partner and work upon the suggestions and advice you get for the betterment of your relationship. You will see that little adjustments and changes will bring harmony and success in your relationship, and the relationship will move along nicely. Just balance your work-life with your love life and spend quality with each other.

Singles - It’s time to consider all the lessons and learnings you have got from your past relationships in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes again. Don’t jump into a new relationship; take your time.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

This is a great year for you with regards to your love life. You can expect a rekindling of romance in your relationship. The bond between you and your partner will increase and deepen, more than you can imagine. You and your partner have a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical connection that most couples can only dream of. Lucky you!

For some of you, it’s the soulmate connection. All you need to do is balance this positivity with the right amount of love, time and commitment. There may be some sacrifices you need to make in order to have this love. The choices and sacrifices that need to be made can apply to both you so you can have clear and honest communication with each other. It can be a little challenging. But remember, if you want it to work out, you have to make it a priority.

Singles - You have a choice to make as to whether you are ready to make space in your life for a new relationship. Are you ready and willing to adapt parts of your life to make room for a partner? You need to prepare yourself first.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

You seem to be a strong couple - close and united. But, there may have been many challenges or issues you have faced in the past. And your relationship has gone through a lot of emotional upheaval which has made both you and your relationship such a strong connection. All the efforts and hard work you put in this relationship will give you rewards now. Now, you know how to tackle and deal with such issues.

You are a mature and wise person now. You have learnt a lot from your past mistakes and that hardship period is over. Now, enjoy each other’s company and the true essence of love. This year, you will gain success and stability in your relationship. You will be a solid support to each other in every way. You, and the people around you, will be proud of your relationship.

Singles - A dream partner is soon going to enter your life as now is a great time to meet someone new. It could be your soulmate.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

This new year is going to bring a new and fresh energy to your love life. You will soon notice that things are falling into place and issues are being resolved. You will enjoy a happy, secure, loving and committed relationship. There are whole worlds opening up to you and your partner. Enjoy this time for you have both had to work to get your relationship to this point. It’s not that all relationships happen miraculously but all your sincere efforts and actions will give you fruitful results.

The action will be mutual towards both sides when it comes to maintaining this relationship. It also indicates that you and your partner need to spend more quality time together as it will deepen your connection. It also indicates that you and your partner may decide to travel together or emigrate. You will gain the ability to conquer all challenges efficiently and deal wisely with all issues which will bring peace and harmony in your relationship.

Singles - Someone is soon going to enter your life. This new year, you will feel confident, self-assured and free-spirited, making you irresistibly sexy and attractive to potential suitors. So get ready to welcome new love.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

This year, you will give and receive the love you have dreamt of. And this energy of love will bring abundance in all areas of your life. The security and stability that will come to your relationship gives you freedom, independence and support to pursue your dreams. If you are in business or building your career, your partner will offer you the support and encouragement you need. You and your partner are likely to have similar goals and will work hard to achieve them.

For mature couples, it can be an indication that you have reached a point in your relationship where you can finally stop and smell the roses and enjoy the rewards of all the hard work you have put in over the years. There may be some ups and downs but the kind of support you will provide each other will help you sail smoothly and successfully.

Singles - You may get to know someone who can be a potential partner for you in the future. It can be a little hard to get into a relationship with them, but sincere efforts can make it happen. Just be self-assured and self-confident.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

This year, you will feel that you are putting a lot of effort in this relationship and you are the one who is majorly involved in maintaining this connection. You may feel a little disheartened or sad about it. But that’s not the case. You need to see and acknowledge the efforts of your partner as well. They may not be putting in the same efforts as you but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want this connection or that they don’t love you.

You have come this far by cordially maintaining and working for this relationship. So, you can’t let all your efforts go to vain. Remove the bandage from your eyes and try to see clearly. You need to change your perspective and see things from the other person's perspective as well. You may simply need a bit of time and space to consider the pros and cons of the matter and how you can come to an agreement.

Singles - You may be reflecting on past relationships and getting a better sense of what you really want in a future relationship. Now is a great time to do this as you are capable of manifesting what you want. Just act patiently.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

This year, you will consider making the required changes to run a successful and strong relationship. But only thinking and planning will not help. You need to take the necessary actions towards building a strong and committed relationship. Deep inside, you know what the right actions are and you will consider how to make them.

If you will make single efforts from your side, you will see the other person make ten times the effort. None of your efforts will go to waste. So, don’t hesitate and waste your time and energy in thinking alone. Go for it; you can do it as what you give is what you receive, and it may as well be more that that. And if by chance you have been treated badly, they will get their comeuppance. Marriage is on the cards for some of you.

Singles - You will have a choice between two lovers and you need to decide which one is a better option for you as they both will have a different personality. If you’re looking for marriage, then it’s on the cards.


Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

You may be overthinking about something or overanalysing the situation. You need to take a break from it so that you can see things from a fresh and clear perspective. By doing all this, you are emotionally draining yourself. You may be unhappy with the way your relationship is going at the moment or you or your partner may be feeling the need to take a step back from the relationship to assess your options or where you want the relationship to lead. Refrain yourself from jumping into any conclusions too fast and avoid making any hasty decisions in love. Just give yourself time to think things through.

You may need to rethink your perceptions of what your relationship should be like, and focus on the positive aspects of your relationship as it is instead of worrying about what it isn’t. Alternatively, if you find that you are truly unhappy, you are the only one keeping yourself in this situation. You can walk away if you want to. But don’t feel suffocated in love. Remember, if you want it to work out, you have to make it a priority.

Singles - If you want a new love, then you need to make space for it in your life. Are you ready and willing to adapt parts of your life to make room for a partner? Whatever the answer, you need to be honest with yourself.

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Illustration credit: Shivam Srivastava (@_sri.vas.tva_)

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