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15 Shows To Watch On Netflix When You’re Tired Of Work

. 6 min read . Written by Prerna Prakash
15 Shows To Watch On Netflix When You’re Tired Of Work

The world has changed drastically in the past few months. We’ve lost our daily commute and the pressure of looking presentable in the mornings. But also, at the same time, the lines between work and life have blurred to a great extent! A lot of us work into the night or have meetings even after the office hours are ‘technically’ over! 

There is a very simple solution. Netflix

There are thousands of brilliant shows online, and now that you are home all the time, what better way to utilize all this free time? From comedies and dramas to horror and romance, Netflix has no dearth of brilliant series to binge on. 

If you are looking for a way to relax, here are some excellent Netflix shows to watch when you’re tired of work

Schitt’s Creek

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After winning nine Emmy awards this year, Schitt’s Creek has become one of the more popular shows to watch. The easy combination of humor and drama sets it apart from the many shows that are one or the other. Above all, this is a hilarious story about a family making its way in the world, this is one show you can binge effortlessly. 

Masaba Masaba 

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Masaba Masaba is a 6-episode series on Netflix that delves into the messiness of the private life of a millennial celebrity, and her famous mother’s fight for relevance. In other words, this is a short and beautiful story about a real family and their ups and downs. This is an engrossing and beautiful tale that everyone should watch. 

Sugar Rush

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Food has the power to cheer anyone up! If you are one of those people who like to watch cooking and baking shows, this is the one for you. Gorgeous desserts, beautiful cinematography, and the thrill of watching others compete while you can sit on your couch–Sugar Rush promises the best entertainment there is. 

Queer Eye

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Looking for positivity and that feel-good factor that 2020 has stolen away? Queer Eye is the perfect show to watch on the days that you feel burnt out. This is a great show to binge on when you don’t want to think. This is the wholesome content that will make you smile. 

Fruits Basket

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Anime is often seen as a lot of action sequences in a trench coat, but many gorgeous stories are hiding in the big pile of options available to you. This beautiful show has a slew of relatable and lovable characters, an intriguing storyline, and beautifully drawn animation. Get ready for some tears and bursts of laughter. 


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If you are a horror connoisseur, you should take a gander at this Radhika Apte starrer. A vague dystopia, a paranormal creature, and interesting characters make the show gripping and thrilling. You will savor every moment of this show, even if you have to watch through your fingers.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

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Korean dramas are gaining popularity, and all for good reason. While many k-dramas focus on being dramatic, this one is more about being funny, making you laugh, and touching your heart. Easy to consume, and requiring not much thinking, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim is a great addition to your bucket list.

Brooklyn 99

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Humor meets real-life issues with Brooklyn 99. You might think that watching a cop show in the current atmosphere might not be the best option, but this amazing series has a lot of insights on institutions like racism, misogyny, rape culture, and more. However, the first impression you will get is that it is coolcoolcoolcoolcoolcool. No doubt! Get ready for a laugh riot.


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A charming series about two high-school kids trying to figure out their lives and hearts. This is a short but sweet series to watch over the weekend. Often anime is heavy and full of action sequences, but this show is a sweet take on love that is sure to make you crack a smile, and perhaps shed some tears. 

Lust Stories 

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If you are looking to watch some of the biggest names in Bollywood, you don’t have to go to break open that case of films. Lust Stories is a collection of short stories on Netflix. Each story has a different theme and there are many noteworthy actors in this show. With humor, sexuality, romance, and more, this series is sure to catch your attention. 

Her Private Life 

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K-Dramas are not all about drama at all times. Her Private Life is an entertaining and feel-good series that you can binge over the weekend. With only 16 episodes in all, this gorgeous story about love and acceptance will have you smiling and crying. 

Anne With An E

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If you grew up reading Enid Blyton and have often dreamt of seeing the English countryside on screen, this is the show for you. An adaptation of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, this show is full of fierce imagination and beautiful storytelling. It is a coming-of-age story that will leave you wanting more!

Hotel del Luna

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If you enjoy the paranormal, but don’t want to watch full-on horror, Hotel del Luna is the perfect middle ground. A mixture of drama, romance, action, and the scary, the thrilling show will keep you hooked till the very end. 

A Series Of Unfortunate Events 

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Based on a series of phenomenal books, this TV adaptation has been nothing short of fabulous. Equal parts funny, titillating, and heart-breaking, this is the perfect way to cleanse off all the spreadsheets and google docs off your mind. 

BoJack Horseman

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You would think that cartoons are about fun and jokes, but this is no show for children. With gorgeously written sketches about life, depression, burnout, work, and other important things, BoJack Horseman has made a horse (af all things) relatable for most of us. 

In this day and age of using your brain non-stop, it is time to switch off your head for a while. What you need is a cleanse to relieve the pressure of working too hard. Burnout culture is very real, so take some time this week to get your popcorn and set up your laptop. You can Netflix and chill alone!

Have a great time potating!

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