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17-Year-Old Surat Girl Indian Ambassador For UN Environment Programme

. 4 min read . Written by Sanjana Bhagwat
17-Year-Old Surat Girl Indian Ambassador For UN Environment Programme

17-year-old Sural girl, Khushi Chindaliya’s passion for safeguarding nature and conserving the environment has been acknowledged and supported by the UN. She has been appointed as the Regional Ambassador for India by the United Nations Environment Programme – Tunza Eco-Generation.

She is determined to help spread awareness about the need to protect our natural environment. When asked what inspired her to do the work that led to her achieving this esteemed position, the Surat girl told Times of India, “My sensitivity towards the degradation of nature and understanding of its repercussions.”

Khushi Became Aware Of The Need To Protect The Natural Beauty Around Her At A Young Age

“When my family and I shifted to the new house in the city, I used to see greenery all around. The Chikoo trees near my house sheltered several birds and we were surrounded by nature,” she told ANI. “As I grew older, I saw the greenery turn into concrete jungles and realised that my younger sister would not be able to enjoy the beauty of nature as I did in my childhood. This was the point when I became more aware of nature and looked for ways to protect the environment around myself.”

Binita, Kushi’s mother, says that she raised her daughter to be environmentally conscious, and that Khushi’s interest in preserving natural beauty started at a very young age. “We had a green cover near our house where several species of birds and animals would frequent. Khushi would always go with her younger sister to observe them from the balcony. I have always raised my children to be environmentally conscious and keep the environment clean. I am very proud that Khushi has been given such a big responsibility,” Khushi’s mother told ANI.

Khushi was also among 100 young people from India whose essays were published by UNESCO in a book titled ‘Year 1 AC (After Coronavirus): Essays by 100 Young Indians”. In 2019, she was also inducted into the National Society of High School Scholars as the international ambassador.

Her continued quest towards environmental conservation, and her desire to spread awareness about it, have clearly paid off now that she has bagged the honourable ambassadorship for UNEP.

She Is Set To Work As India’s Regional Ambassador Till Next Year

During the lockdown she has been working tirelessly on subjects related to the environment, trying to trace back and understand its degradation, the causes for it, and draft out a plan to stop it.

Now, as a UNEP ambassador, Khushi is set to work on multiple awareness projects with Tunza Eco-Generation till February 2021.

Given the restrictions caused by the global pandemic, Khushi will be conducting her work as Regional Ambassador for India, online.

“This month I will be sharing reports and speaking on what my government is doing for the environment and how education can help arrest the decline. I get to interact with Regional Ambassadors from across the globe and understand situations in their part of the globe as well.”

After the ambassadorship ends, she will be attending college and plans to pursue a Liberal Arts course, and study Economics.

Khushi represents the empathy and wisdom the young possess, especially if raised to be capable individuals, and given educational opportunities.

Kudos to the young woman! Her passion and abilities coupled with the reach and power of the role she has now achieved, are sure to bring about some much needed positive changes!

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