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7 Indian sex-positive influencers that are out to make you love yourself

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
7 Indian sex-positive influencers that are out to make you love yourself

Sex being taboo is a notion as old as time, which is exactly where it belongs – in the past.

All our lives, we are taught that sex (and anything related to it) is bad. We attach it to sin, to violence, to power, and dilute just how complex and beautiful it can be. Sex is innately a part of who we are as individuals, and when that part of us is shut down, so is our ability to know and love ourselves fully and completely.

Instagram is rife with influencers telling us to love ourselves, but we often aren’t told how. Behold, the power of sex positivity – now, we have a few amazing netizens teaching us just that.

But what does ‘sex positive’ mean? Sex positivity is a philosophy that seeks to challenge the existing norms around sex and sexuality, promoting recognition that sex is a normal, healthy part of life. Sex positivity is an incredible (not to mention, exciting) route to empowerment and self-discovery, and it’s here to stay.

Here are 7 Indian sex-positive influencers who are making it happen.

7 Indian sex-positive influencers who will make you love yourself

1. Leeza Mangaldas

Oh, what we would do to have Leeza Mangaldas as our sex-ed teacher when were in school! 

Leeza calls herself a pleasure-positive content creator who aims to normalise conversations around sex and sexuality, sexual health, and the body, with a particular focus on women.

Through her content, she answers questions we’re normally afraid to ask out loud, and provides valuable information about the hows and whys of pleasurable sex. 

If you love the manner in which she decodes the confusing world of sexuality, head to Spotify and listen to her podcast, The Sex Podcast by Leeza Mangaldas.

2. Apurupa Vatsalya

Apurupa is a sexuality educator and a program officer at the YP Foundation. Their content encompasses a rights-based approach to sex education, where they discuss subjects such as polyamory, disability and sexuality, and more.

Follow their account to feel at home, especially if you’re queer and in need of a space to feel like yourself.

3. Neha Bhat, aka indiansextherapist

Popular narrative will have you believe that the act of sex is separate from attachment, which can give rise to feelings of confusion, loneliness, and resentment, especially in the era of casual relationships. Enter, Neha Bhatt – a licensed sex and trauma therapist who is here to tell you otherwise.

Neha’s approach is depth-based. She centres her content around the psychological and sociological implications of sex and relationships, debunking several myths around break-ups, communication, consent, marriage, and more.

If you’re new to the world of relationships and dating, Neha’s content will serve as a guide post for you to be the best version of yourself, both on and off dating apps. 

4. Pallavi Barnwal

A certified sexuality coach, Pallavi Barnwal is here to teach you how you can improve your relationship with yourself and your partner. Hint: it’s all about getting to know your body and mind! 

Whether it’s understanding what makes you orgasm, how to indulge in foreplay, or how to identify and work on your triggers, Pallavi’s content will take you one step ahead in your journey of self-discovery. 

5. Dr Sakshi Tickoo

Dr Sakshi Tickoo is an occupational therapist and sexuality counsellor. If you’re struggling to understand how to maximise your potential in the bedroom, she’s the person to follow!

Dr Sakshi’s content comes from a queer-affirming, trauma-informed, and disability-inclusive perspective, and her aim is to provide information that helps you understand your sexual rights and experience fulfilling and exciting relationships.

From sex toys and lube to after-sex practices, Dr Tickoo has you covered. 

6. Seema Anand

Mythologist. Narrative practitioner. Author. Seema Anand dons several hats and can teach you about pleasure in several different ways!

Having studied the concepts of pleasure and sensuality in ancient texts and literature for decades, Seema will help you see sex as a highly empowering practice as opposed to a shameful one.

Putting your pleasure first is important to live a fulfilling life, and Seema is here to tell you that through her posts, podcast, and YouTube videos.

7. Dr Tanaya, aka dr_cuterus

To embark upon your journey of self-discovery through sex, you must first know your body. Enter, Dr Tanaya – your friendly neighbourhood millennial doctor! 

Dr Tanaya answers all your embarrassing questions about your body – periods, vaginas, penises and all.

With misinformation and half-truths becoming commonplace on the internet, Dr Tanaya is a trusted, go-to source for your queries regarding sexual health. 

And that’s it! Follow these wonderful influencers to know more about your body and feel oh-so confident in your sexual adventures. Go forth and love yourself.

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