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Avni Doshi's Debut Novel Gets Longlisted for 2020 Booker Prize

. 2 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Avni Doshi's Debut Novel Gets Longlisted for 2020 Booker Prize

Indian origin author Avni Doshi’s debut novel, A Girl in White Cotton, has made it into the 2020 Booker Prize long list. 

Published as Burnt Sugar overseas and A Girl in White Cotton in India, the book has made its way into the list of 13 other books competing for the prestigious Booker Prize. The book was selected from amongst 162 novels published in the UK or Ireland between 2019 and 2020. 

The story revolves around the dysfunctional relationship between Tara and her daughter, Antara. Antara spent most of her childhood in neglect, owing to her mother’s wild adventures – abandoning her loveless marriage, joining an ashram, turning to begging to spite her rich parents, and chasing after a homeless ‘artist’. Tara is now suffering from memory loss and is forgetting things, big and small. Tara refuses to accept her illness, and Antara is left to care for her mother. But she has no idea how.

The Booker Prizes describes the novel as “a story about betrayal. But not between lovers – between mother and daughter.” 

Avni Doshi, born in New Jersey, currently lives in Dubai. She was awarded the Tibor Jones South Asia Prize in 2013, and a Charles Pick Fellowship in 2014. A Girl in White Cotton was also longlisted for the Tata First Book Prize in 2019.

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