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From team player to the boss: Here’s how you can totally own that new role

. 2 min read . Written by Nagma Hasan
From team player to the boss: Here’s how you can totally own that new role

So, you have been promoted from being one of them to the new boss? Congratulations.

However, experts say that while climbing the work ladder can be a moment of celebration, the transition can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s career. You may be dealing with a jealous co-worker or a whining colleague who thought he/she was more deserving, which will directly affect the quality of work, relationship and the drive to achieve goals for the team.

With your new powers come newer responsibilities. Here are some of the tips to help you turn the tables smoothly.

Treat everyone equally

When you were one of them, you may have had a good friend or your go-to-person to indulge in some fun office gossip, but becoming the leader you may have to draw the line. You have to treat your team with fairness, applaud and criticise everyone the same way, nepotism of any sorts is no way to be the boss.

Lead by example

You have worked hard to reach where you are. You know the time and dedication one needs to show to climb the work ladder, don’t stop it, now that you are the boss. Be a team player. Sitting in the confines of your well-equipped office room watching videos on YouTube while shouting orders to your team is definitely not the right way. Don’t micromanage but be aware of the work you delegate to your team. If need be, help them out or offer to share your skills, that way you will set a good example of being a good boss.

Be flexible

As an individual contributor you may have worked incessant hours or delivered more than you were expected to achieve your set goals, but as a boss, you may have to change your strategy. Your team members may not share your style of work structure and you need to be ok with it, as long as they are delivering on time.

Maintain relationships

A productive team is one which maintains healthy work relationships. As a boss, assure your team members that you are always up for listening to new ideas, both positive and negative feedback and thoughts to improve the productivity of the team. Like old times, lend a good listening ear but work out a solution as a good manager.

Keep your ego at bay and don’t abuse your new found power. Remember, be a leader with a ladder, not a boss with an order. Here’s wishing you luck with your new role.

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