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Intelligent and Intuitive? Here's how you can become a tarot card reader

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Intelligent and Intuitive? Here's how you can become a tarot card reader

Have you often picked up on subtle energies and prompts that others haven’t? Do you often notice things that are out of the ordinary? Do others feel comfortable talking to you about their life experiences? You may have an alternative career path laid out for you!

Tarot card reading has slowly picked up pace in India, with more people turning to spirituality and alternative practices to help guide them through life.

To explore this path further, we consulted Neha Badlani, a tarot expert and the founder of Soul Star Guide, to answer some common questions and guide you towards taking your first step in this field.

What does a tarot card reader do?

A tarot card reader picks up on energies and utilises their intuition and knowledge to empower others, guided by a deck of tarot cards. Tarot card readers interpret the meaning behind the cards picked by clients, and are able to guide them and answer specific questions they might have.

Though the practice initially started off as a leisure activity, tarot card reading has taken on a more serious role in today’s times.

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Who can become a tarot card reader?

As a tarot card reader, your first trait should be intuitiveness. Anyone who is inclined towards mystical practices and energies can pursue a career in tarot card reading.

If you have a strong sense of logic and potent interpretative power, you can thrive in this career.

To be a good tarot card reader, you must first be a good observer. Try and pick up on possible traits and energies you feel in people to test the waters. Your knowledge and study of cards is the next step.

Becoming a tarot card reader in India

If you're convinced that this is the right career option for you, here’s everything you need to know about starting this career.

1. Conducting research

The first step to becoming a tarot card reader is understanding the market. Explore what the industry looks like in your city.

Are there any existing tarot readers? What do their business models look like? Are there any courses you can take to start this career? What kind of marketing practices should you follow? Get answers to these questions before you proceed.

2. Test and tap your intuition

Intuition is the key to becoming a tarot card reader. You must be able to follow your gut when talking to clients and interpreting the right meaning on the cards. Though intuition and empathy are innate skills, there are ways to become more intuitive in your daily life.

Make it a practice to trust your gut and instantly pick up subtleties in the environment around you. Observe the people you encounter and pick up on how they (and their energy) make you feel.

3. Take up a course or get mentored by an industry expert

Tarot is a mix of intuition and knowledge, and to start practising it, you’ll need to get acquainted with tarot cards and their various meanings. A course will help you gain the knowledge you need to start taking trial sessions.

Eventually, you can build on your intuition and work experience as you go along. Many tarot experts take workshops or mentor others, so do your research and pick a course!

4. Practice with strangers

Give free sessions to strangers to strengthen your intuition and start word-of-mouth promotions. This will help you practice before you dive fully into this industry, and you’ll be more comfortable when actually starting paid readings.

5. Identify your USP

More and more people have started a career in tarot card reading. With the market slowly becoming saturated, it’s important to establish a niche and expertise to get more clients. Identify what sets you apart from other tarot card readers, and hone the skills required to prove your worth.

6. Create a pricing strategy

You can market various kinds of readings to widen your scope and offer services across the board. Have a price chart that caters to various audiences, so you can hit the mark and get clients that choose you for your expertise rather than the cost of your services.

7. Market yourself

Now that you have your services, price chart, and USP laid out, create social media profiles and market yourself. Promote your services on platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and create a website, if possible. This way, clients can directly book sessions online. It’s important to be as accessible as possible to your clients.

8. Start conducting tarot sessions professionally

You’re all done, so it’s time to actually start your career in this industry and set up sessions with clients. Remember, word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing for tarot card readers, so build a great rapport with all your clients.

Money talks: How much does a tarot card reader make?

The investment to start your tarot business is quite low, as the main tool is a deck of tarot cards. If you can’t raise too much start-up capital, you can initially offer sessions in a cafe or your home. Also avoid paid promotions until you can afford them.

Tarot expert, Neha Badlani, mentions that the industry is quite lucrative at the moment, and tarot card readers usually charge anywhere between Rs. 1500- Rs. 4500 per session.

So, if you believe in the magic of energies and love helping and guiding others through life, a career in tarot card reading checks all the right boxes. Once you establish a niche, there’s no stopping the heights you can reach! And we're all about women stepping out and stepping up.

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