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How To Find A Work From Home Job That's Right For You In India

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
How To Find A Work From Home Job That's Right For You In India

Here’s how to find work from home jobs in India. One that’s right for you.

Are you still harbouring dreams of going back to the office? Or are you a bit too comfortable working in your pajamas?

In any case, this new work from home reality is here to stay. Owing to the circumstances that the pandemic has put us in, it’s no surprise that a lot of us will probably not be returning to the workforce even once this dies out. 

While stepping into this new work-from-home future, there are some things to keep in mind. Remote jobs can offer financial security along with a sense of flexibility. Which is great for those who have multiple responsibilities to juggle. Working remotely on multiple projects can also help you have multiple different sources of income streams.   

However, many people, especially women, have been struggling to maintain work and home boundaries while working remotely. Since they find themselves having to do ‘double duty’ – office work as well as domestic tasks.  Additionally, visibility at work and access to further growth opportunities can be limited. Given that a person working remotely is not ‘seen’, or is only seen from behind the screen. Therefore, it is important to understand both the pros and cons of remote jobs before you start looking for a job.

So here’s how to find work from home jobs in India.

Start With Research & Primary Networking

Many people begin their job hunt process by upgrading their resume. But it’s always better to get acquainted with the job and industry scenario first. 

Understand what skills and job descriptions the market is currently in need of. Keep a close eye on online job portals like LinkedIn and Facebook or other networking groups

how to find work from home jobs
Click on the job alerts tab to get custom notifications.

Pro tip: Customise your LinkedIn job alerts for the role you’re looking for and turn those push notifications on. 

That way, whenever there’s a new job opening posted, one that’s relevant to you, you’ll be the first to know about it. 

Make a list of people that you know, who are already working in remote jobs and reach out to them for work from home job opportunities and ask them how their experience has been so far.

Speaking of building your network, what can also help is reaching out to people in specific industries and domains hiring for remote jobs to stay aware of any vacant positions.

A recent study by Skillcrush suggests that Front End Development, Digital Marketing and Copywriting industries are going to see a major rise in their openings for remote working positions. 

In addition to this, because of the pandemic, many companies are now offering permanent remote work as an option. So the remote working pie is now much bigger.

A recent analysis by Flexjobs suggests that these fields have the most work from home positions on offer:

  • Writing
  • Project Management
  • Consultancy
  • Accounts
  • Sales
  • Data Analytics

So start using these keywords when you look for remote jobs.

Beware Of Work From Home Job Scams

Let’s just say that Google is omnipresent enough to eavesdrop on your conversations and peep through your search histories. So if you’ve googled work from home jobs recently your browser would have probably had those pops ups that say “earn 25k a month sitting at home” or “ghar baithe baithe 30,000 kamaye” etc. Well, you know the drill. 

Breaking news: more often than not, they’re all scams. 

Pro tip: One way to differentiate between an opportunity and a scam is that a genuine work from home job oppotunity will never ask you to pay up. 

And the ones that do, are most certainly not going to get back to you with the job offer of your dreams. 

For an in-depth guide on figuring out the difference between the two, click here

Next, Update Your Resume

As you become more cognisant of what exactly is out there, you’ll be able to breathe new life into your resume in accordance with what companies are really looking out for. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget to include and highlight remote working skills. 

Aka soft skills

Since you’re applying for a remote work position, let the company or the recruiter know that you are adept at being able to work remotely.

As you must have noticed these past couple of months, working from home does require a certain special set of skills. Like being a pro at technology, or mastering certain WFH needed software and tools. Make a point to include all of those in your newly restructured resume.

For instance, here are some of the tools that offices employ for a better remote working experience that you can familiarise yourself with – 

  • Slack
  • Zoom 
  • Asana 
  • Jeera
  • Trello 
  • Google Meet
  • WebEX 

In addition to these technical competencies, since work culture in general in undergoing such a paradigm shift, make a mark on your resume by mentioning some of your soft skills. We know working from home would be a total bust without those keyword friendly soft skills like communication, or empathy, patience, time management, leadership, etc. 

It’s bound to help your case if your potential employer knows that you’re not only familiar with Trello, but can also execute projects in a time-bound manner. While being kind and empathetic to your co-workers. 

A research by Flexjobs shows that these are the must-have skills for a resume that’s seeking out a remote position.

  • Self-motivation 
  • Strong written communication skills
  • Comfort in learning and using digital tools 
  • Being a team player
  • Cross-cultural literacy  

Highlight Relevant Keywords

What a lot of applications fail to factor in, is the significance and impact of highlighting relevant keywords in your resume. 

Keywords are the most important thing for a resume. A recruiter is looking for keywords that match the role they are hiring for. So for instance, if you’re looking for a content writing role, highlight anything in your resume that reflects that. Your resume should ideally look different for different jobs. 

Next up, organise it in a way that your work experience is right at the top and perhaps the most prominent part of your resume. Brownie points if they were remote work positions.

Speaking of highlighting keywords. If you’re looking for some commonly searched keywords that suggest your remote working capabilities, here’s a list that might come in handy as you update your resume. 

  • Remote work 
  • Telecommuting 
  • Anywhere job 
  • Virtual job
  • Home-based job 
  • Online job 
  • Offsite job 
  • Distributed team

Think About What Kind Of Remote Job Is Right For You 

What are your career goals? 

While you’re engrossed in the process of applying for various positions, do take a moment to think about what kind of remote job, responsibilities and work culture you’d like to be involved in. 

Take some time to assess your remote opportunities and think about this. Whether you wish to work full-time with a single company, or part-time in different ones, or work as a freelancer on a contractual basis with different clients/companies. 

If you’re thinking about growth and stability then perhaps a full-time employment position in a company might be the answer for you. Or if you’re at a point where you need more flexibility and freedom than stability, then looking for the solopreneurship life might be just what you need. 

After you have figured out what kind of remote jobs are best suited to you, consider this list of top websites for remote jobs and work from home opportunities in India.

Here are a few platforms to get work from home opportunities:

What kind of company culture are you looking for? 

Assessing the company culture should always be a priority. But when you’re looking for a remote working position, this becomes a tad more important. 

Every company does remote work differently. Different tools, different clocks, different definitions of flexibility and different interpretations of hours spent in between the clocking in, etc. Make sure to check reviews, and ask them about their culture in the interview. 

This pandemic-induced work from home culture has warmed up many employers to the idea of working remotely. And this is all you need to know about how to find work from home jobs in India.

So have you thought about where you stand? Or is returning to the office something that you’re still hoping for?

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Last updated on 3rd August 2021