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How to find love on a dating app if you’re a woman looking for a man

. 3 min read . Written by Muskan Miglani
How to find love on a dating app if you’re a woman looking for a man

If you’ve selected your hottest pictures that look nothing like you, you’re all set to make a sizzling debut on a dating app. Any hotter and Karan Johar might call you the Debutante of the Year at Koffee with Karan (Dating Apps version). But posting pictures might not be enough to find love.

Everyone knows that we go to dating apps to find love (what else!). But if you’re not finding love, what are you even doing other than counting red flags?

We live in a world where people can’t survive without companionship. Maybe some people can, but don’t even imagine doing it if you’re a woman. How will you get by in the dreaded world all alone? Moreover, log kya kahenge, beta? We must all find a man. Well not one man, but a man each. If you’re lucky enough, someone might fall in love with you. Afterall, didn’t Jane Austen remark spill the beans when she mentioned in her classic, Pride and Prejudice that, "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."

So go ahead, just look around for that man.

Making a killer profile

It’s not easy to find a good man these days. It’s not like they grow on trees. So the first step to start looking for one is to sign up on a dating app. Once you’ve signed up, you’ve to make a profile that appeals to men. While it might feel tempting to make one that shows your true self, don’t give into the temptation. It’s important to look like the ideal partner even if you don’t feel like fitting the mould of one.

You can start by posting a mix of sanksari and party pictures– appear the perfect mix of a mom-friendly social being and a wild party animal. Don’t mention you’re the “feminist types” on your profile or you’ll end up scaring some potential candidates away.

Write it right

When writing your bio, mention your favourite shows that everyone loves so your personality appears unique. The Office and F.RI.E.N.D.S quotes will not only be appreciated, but can also be used as conversation starters with almost everyone.

Don’t be bold or overtly confident; it’s important to be likable. Always be cute and child-like, that is what people love about girls.

Don’t make the first move

Start by swiping on guys who look settled with ghar-bar, karobar, and car. After all, that is what really counts. You’ll naturally get several matches (you’re a catch and you know it).

Don’t make the first move, despite what dating apps might tell you. Wait for the man to approach you because you don’t want to appear “too advanced” or “modern”. When approached, talk softly and sweetly.

Talking the talk

The best way to make conversation on a dating app is being your nicest. Don’t reply instantly even if you’re dying to. You must make them wait so they know you’re worth the while. Also, laugh a lot even at the cheesiest pick up lines. Let the “Did you fall from heaven”s all pass; you’re here to find love and that takes resilience.

Talk to multiple guys, and once you start liking someone, start planning your wedding in your head.

Make them fall in love with you

Now we’re going to pull off SRK's “6 din, ladki in” female version. Once you know which guy you like, start ignoring all his red flags. Even if he ignores you and asks for things to be taken slowly, show him who's the real boss in the relationship (right, relationship!).

Keep talking to him, asking about his family, and once he reciprocates, pull back. Ignore him a little but make sure he knows you’re online. Let him imagine if you’re talking to other guys, and once he confesses his true love for you, you can tell him too.

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