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How To Make A Graphic Design Portfolio: All You Need To Know

. 3 min read . Written by Siddhesh Suman
How To Make A Graphic Design Portfolio: All You Need To Know

Graphic design is one of the most sought-after career fields in the digital era. Many companies need graphic designers who can communicate their brand’s identity and message to their audience in a unique way. Lately, it has become a  popular career choice for Gen-Z and millennials. A career in graphic design doesn’t necessarily demand specific educational qualifications; all you require is skills, knowledge of softwares, and a creative mind. And to showcase that in the right way, you need a graphic design portfolio. 

A well-made online portfolio will help you visually represent your work better, which will connect you to potential employers and clients. But, what defines a well-made portfolio? Keep reading to learn how to create one! 

Curate Your Best Work

Graphic designers ﹘especially freelancers ﹘ work on several projects with several different people. So, in order to choose what to include in your portfolio, pick quality over quantity. 

If it is hard for you to differentiate between your best and your average work, reach out to a friend who can help you out.

Pro Tip: Try to showcase the versatility in your work by choosing different kinds of projects. It makes you look adaptable and flexible in terms of the projects you choose, which is a great quality to possess. 

Choose A Platform To Showcase Your Work

There are several great platforms on the internet that can help you create a solid graphic design portfolio. If you are into web designing, you can even create a web-based portfolio from scratch! That’s a lengthy and pricey process, but the end result will be worth it. 

Here are some popular free portfolio websites for you to choose from:

  2. Weebly
  3. Adobe portfolio
  4. Behance 
  5. Jimdo

To learn more about how to create an online portfolio, watch Kool Kanya’s video below.

Incorporate Your Artistic Personality 

If you observe the online portfolios of different artists, you might notice how vastly distinct they are from each other. Even if two people have used the same template, there may still be a huge difference. This uniqueness shows when one integrates their artistic personality into their portfolio. 

As a graphic designer, you need to create a graphic design portfolio that shows not only your work but also who you are as an artist. Minor elements such as a change in the layout or background can help you achieve that.  You have the liberty to go wild with your creativity as long as your portfolio is well-organised and easy to glance through.

To learn how to create a Wix portfolio, you can watch Kool Kanya’s step-by-step video guide below.

Write An ‘About Me’ Section

Your ‘About Me’ section is another important element of your graphic design portfolio. Here, you can talk about your career journey, how it got you where you are, and what you are looking forward to. 

As an artist, you can also consider describing your creative process and how you handle professional challenges. This will help potential employers or clients determine your capabilities and working style. Adding your past accomplishments and accolades is also a good idea.

Recommendations And Client Testimonials

Keep a section dedicated to all the testimonials and recommendations you’ve received from your prior employers, colleagues, professors, and clients. These will add to your profile and boost your credibility. You’ll also be able to leave a lasting first impression with this. 

Add Your Contact Info And Social Media  

Towards the end of your portfolio, add in your contact details. This will help people reach out to you easily. If you’re active on any social media platform, link it to your graphic design portfolio as well. This will give your client an idea about how your work is being received online.

With this information, you’re all set to create an outstanding online graphic design portfolio that’ll bring in quality clients!

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