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How to use Google and social media for a job search

. 7 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
How to use Google and social media for a job search

A basic question that haunts a lot of us today (whether we’d like to admit it or not) is how to go about gathering a definitive answer for our questions on this deeply tangled web that everyone calls Google search.

To avoid being caught in this inescapable jeopardy, we’ve curated a foolproof Internet guide for you that will help you manoeuvre through the plethora of Google search results and the social media apps to lead you to the answer you are looking for.

Employment opportunities

A considerable degree of the hiring decision today is made even before the first face-to-face conversation happens. So knocking from one employer’s door to the other is certainly not an option today!

Then how does one make their presence felt in the employment realm, or more importantly, how does one even reach the right door, the door that holds your employment answers?

As redundant and obvious as it sounds, it is incredibly essential to search in the right place and the target the right companies or job openings that not only suit your requirements but are also the ones that are indeed looking for you.

The right openings are looking for you; you just have to be where they are looking.

As tempting as it is to type in full-sentenced questions in that search bar that looks conversational and appears as though it wants to hear you out, it does not. So let us introduce you to every digital techie’s best friends –the keywords.

Keywords are ideas that define what your content is about. In the world of Google search, they are the words or the phrases you as searchers enter into the search bar, a.k.a search queries.

The more concise you are, the more precise your results will be

Here’s an example to make things easier, if you live in Mumbai and you are looking for a full-time data entry job, you must make it a point to put these keywords in. In a case like this, your Google search bar must look something like ‘full-time data entry job in Mumbai’. The engine picks up on specifics like these and the results generated will be in direct correlation with the keywords you have put in.

Explore only what suits you

Once you have the keyword-oriented results generated, scroll through and choose the links that show these very keywords. The links that answer your query will redirect you to the respective companies’ or job-opening pages that are in actuality looking for you and that is how you can be found.


Here’s an added element that can facilitate your Google searches and link you to more avenues –your own social media accounts. Social media dominates this age in unforeseen ways and your own social media can be an unexplored way through which you can target the jobs that are seeking you.

This app helps generate your resume and factors in your current skill sets and interests and in direct correlation with that information, helps you get in touch with the companies seeking those skills.

Instagram and Facebook Pages

Every company has an established social media presence today. Chances are that the jobs you are on the lookout for do too.

Following a company’s social media trends will not only give you an idea of their background and the ideals where they operate from, but also help you decipher how you as an individual fit into their set-up, do you agree with their ideologies, what would you bring to the table if you do end up working for them and if it is something that excites you personally.

The Kool Kanya Instagram, for instance, has various posts on work-related tips and ideas for women, that not only show the work they are into, but also the ideologies they operate on –women empowerment, gender equality in the workspace, helping women resume their careers after significant life-altering decisions, etc.


Start following the people or the companies you would like to work for. Many companies tweet about their upcoming opportunities much before the jobs are widely posted. Industry insiders also tweet about interesting new developments like company expansions, hiring trends, and more –information that can give you a significant edge in the job search process.

Part-time/Work-from-home/Freelancing opportunities

If you are looking for a work from home content writing job, for instance, your search bar should look something like this.

Look for websites, not just people

Once you do type in your desired keywords and click on the links that match those, chances are that you will be directed to results that show links to websites that are hiring people for the kind of work that you are looking for –right from things like content writing, to data entry, to designers, to digital marketers, etc.

Facebook Groups

Facebook has a very unique Groups Feature –it creates a platform that serves as a forum for similar people to come together and interact with one another, there are numerous groups of the kind that address work from home as well as freelance opportunities.

Similar to their Instagram page, Kool Kanya also has a Facebook Group dedicated to giving Career Guidance to women, it’s a forum for women with career-related questions or other similar interests come together to discuss their concerns. A basic Facebook search can lead you to other similar groups of your interest too.

You can ask questions, initiate discussions, debate on job openings and a lot more through these groups.

Instagram and Twitter

By the year 2018, there were over 100 million Instagram accounts in the US a significant number of which were brands and companies promoting their cultures and their job openings. Even on the rare occasions that a company doesn’t have an official Instagram or twitter page, a basic LinkedIn search on the company will give you information about their top employees and Voila! You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter instead.

Doing this will give you an insight into their general lifestyle and help you figure how you can be a fit into their culture –or how not.

Art, hobbies, or online courses

The latest update on learning how to Google Search?

There are online courses out there that teach how to power search through Google!

If you’re looking to hone a new set of skills through an online course in creative writing, for instance, the search bar must look something like

With your newly acquired Google search skills, browsing or looking for courses to accelerate your pre-existing interests or looking for something educational to increase your skill sets should be a cakewalk. Put in your desired keywords, look for the matching links… and you know the drill.

Instagram and Facebook for art

Social Media is the latest community for all upcoming writers, poets, singers, painters and every other medium of art that you can think of. Instagram has translated into this interactive forum where a lot of artists showcase their work, send out invitations to collaborate with each other, engage in discussions about art in general and following the artist of your choice is certainly a way to sharpen your skills.

Being in a position to be able to interact with patrons of art and perhaps seeking guidance from the masters of the field of your choice can facilitate your individualistic and professional growth in a way that conventional run-off-the-mill classes or courses might not.

Similar to Facebook groups for career guidance, a basic Facebook search will also yield results for groups that engage in art, writing, painting, and other hobby groups, being a part of which can not only give you a direction for your ventures but also help you decide what field you actually wish to pursue.


With trends and hashtags ruling the realm of social media, following the same of your choice can more often than not lead you into novel territories that help you discover and channelize your interests.

With hashtags like #ArtistOnTwitter doing the rounds, it provides an all-inclusive platform for artists across the globe to come together and revel in their work and hobbies in a way that only helps the community grow.

The deep tangling web of the Internet does certainly hold its secrets but follow our guide and the secrets will be sure to reveal themselves to you.