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Kool Kanya celebrated the first Gamechangers’ Networking Night!

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Kool Kanya celebrated the first Gamechangers’ Networking Night!

We could unceasingly go on about how incredible these past couple of weeks have been for the Kool Kanya Team and it still wouldn’t translate into the zest that our office is under.

For starters, the Kool Kanya Network went live on the 16th of December! And if you are one of 1000 women who signed up to be a part of the exclusive beta launch, and haven’t joined in the career conversations and sparked a discussion yet… seriously, what are you doing?!

And for the main course (ok, sorry) we had a very rewarding Gamechangers’ Networking Night Event.

Gamechangers’ Networking Night? Glad you asked

The Kool Kanya Network is a platform for women to seek career advice, share their professional journeys, and partake in peer-to-peer mentorship. It’s a safe space where women can be vulnerable and find support in their career paths. Kool Kanya believes that what one woman can do alone, several can do better.

Which is why we have introduced the concept of Gamechangers on our platform.

Gamechangers are the mentors on the platform. These are women who have walked in your shoes. Women, who have tread on the career path that you are setting out on. So we thought of organising an exclusive dinner meet where the Gamechangers could meet and network with each other as they embark on the Kool Kanya journey with us.

Welcoming the Gamechangers: All aboard the Kool Kanya journey

As celebrated and successful women in their own fields, the Kool Kanya Gamechangers are our ambassadors. So we started off by integrating them into the Kool Kanya Network. We handed them the Kool Kanya drink – a unique concoction designed specially for the Kool Kanyas. And as they sipped on their fine (non-alcoholic) wine, our CEO & Founder Vanshika Goenka walked them through the journey that Kool Kanya is.

They may be our Gamechangers but they’re all Kool Kanyas first. So as soon as they entered, we asked all of them what being a Kool Kanya means to them.

Sharing our mission & vision board with the Gamechangers

Our company, as well as our platform, are built on the principles of empathy, vulnerability and mutual respect. So a major part of integrating the Gamechangers into the Kool Kanya journey was presenting them with our Mission.

Our mission is to create a nurturing ecosystem for women to connect with each other and build careers they love.

As our Gamechangers, and as women who have had significant journeys of their own, this mission is something that everyone present at that dinner meet aligned with. The Kool Kanya Network invites these Gamechangers on the platform so women today have a safe space to find solutions to their career concerns. When one woman shares her journey, she paves the path for a whole new generation of women.

Building up the community sentiment

They say ‘be the change you want to see’. So for our Gamechangers to actually help other women network and collaborate, we briefed them through how they themselves can seek help, network and collaborate through the Kool Kanya Network.

The next part of the event was dedicated to how the Gamechangers can grow with us. What one woman can do alone, several can do better, which is why the Kool Kanya Network is a sounding board for them to seek guidance in the things they need help with. And like all other Kool Kanyas, this is also a platform for Gamechangers to share their achievements. We encouraged them to promote their businesses on our platform, and commemorate their own achievements in turn.

Additionally, Gamechangers can network and build their own professional cheering squad with other Gamechangers. During our initial discussions and brainstorming sessions, where we were inviting women to become Gamechangers, we realised that everyone needs help with something. As per our survey, a lot of our Gamechangers feel that they can gain better financial acumen, feel squeamish to openly market themselves and their business or have inhibitions in explicitly promoting themselves.

The Kool Kanya Network is here to bridge this very gap between hustling and celebrating.

But more importantly, the sentiment which we wished to particularly highlight, was that of collaboration. As a platform that supports so many skilled women in their own fields, the Kool Kanya Network is just the place to set up collaborations with others, find mutual success, and grow together.

In the spirit of networking

But for all of these dreams to translate into reality, we had every Gamechanger come up and introduce themselves through a series of fun questions.

Needless to say, what followed was a series of indelible answers, stimulating conversations and some rather empathic connections — all against the backdrop of applause.

As we bid our goodbyes and handed the Gamechangers their customised goodie bags, the Kool Kanya Team was triumphantly confident about one thing — this day had proven to be a major milestone in our platform’s journey towards raising the power of each and every woman in that room.

To get a visual inside scoop into the event, click here for the video!