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6 up and coming fields PowerPass can help you conquer

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
6 up and coming fields PowerPass can help you conquer

If there is anything our generation can do best, it is our ability to veer off the beaten path. This proverbial offbeat path includes careers that were previously unheard of, such as podcasting and content writing, which we talk about further in this article. With their versatility and monetisable potential, these offbeat careers are taking the world by storm in the 21st century.

To excel at these so-called unconventional careers one would require determination, passion and of course, Kool Kanya PowerPass. Our premium learning platform is the only platform that gives you access to a number of live courses and events at the click of a button. This means that you can learn a variety of skills and exercise your passion at your own convenience, with an entire community of driven women. Join us to #RaiseYourPower and make the best of this opportunity.

1. Instagram content creator

The world of content creation has never been more accessible than it is today. You can access Instagram at the tip of your fingers, and all you have to do to become a successful content creator or influencer is to be yourself and strategise. Our course, Boost your personal brand on social media can help you get there. This course will help you develop your personal brand, your core message and your voice, through ideation and content curation. Learn how to use SEO, keyword research, and campaign metrics to create relevant and engaging content, and just watch how the promotional deals roll in!

2. Graphic designer

Slowly expanding to form a huge industry, graphic design is an integral part of our daily lives. Right from social media to advertisements to packaging, graphic design is everywhere. Why not give it a shot and make the most of this burgeoning industry? Our course, Canva for beginners, will help you tap into the world of graphic design and hone your creative skills. Learn graphic design theory, tips and tricks, how to design Instagram posts, and how to create GIFs and memes. Also learn how to remove image backgrounds, how to plan IG grids, and all the work that goes into creating stellar designs!

3. LinkedIn coach

LinkedIn has over 830 million users worldwide, making it one of the most popular professional networking platforms. A LinkedIn consultant or coach can assist you in optimising your profile so that you can reach a larger audience and target relevant recruiters. These consultants work with both individuals and businesses to help them transform their marketing strategies. They assist you in creating a professional page that will attract the right leads and carve out a niche for yourself. By taking our course, Create your personal brand on LinkedIn & get jobs!, you can learn how to leverage your personal brand to generate leads and then go on to teach others how to do the very same!

4. Content writer

Today, one of the most sought out skills in the industry is content writing, which combines blog posts and website content with SEO to increase traffic and convert prospects into customers. As a content writer, you would have the opportunity to work remotely for some of the industry's most exciting brands. Through our course, you can become an expert in content writing and stand out in a highly competitive field. Content Fast-Track 2.0 is taught by industry experts and will help you upskill your content writing to increase your sales and perhaps start your own gig.

5. Podcaster

Have you watched the new Hotstar show, Only Murders in the Building? This show, starring Selena Gomez, Martin Short, and Steve Martin, solves murders and records the entire process as a podcast. While crime podcasts are crazy popular, so are motivational, comedic, and interview podcasts. So make good use of your love of narration and storytelling and get on the podcasting bandwagon.

Even if public speaking is not your strong suit, you can work as a scriptwriter, editor, or producer. So if you truly want to make it big in the podcast industry, come get a head start at it with our course, Start Your Own PODCAST.

6. YouTuber

YouTube can help you broadcast your talent to thousands and reach unprecedented heights, all while making money from the comfort of your own home. A career as a YouTuber can be a lucrative one if you know how to play your cards right and grab onto your audience through engaging content and strategy. Our course, Grow your YouTube subscribers can help you build a loyal community and increase your reach. Learn how the YouTube algorithm functions, how to combine your content with SEO to increase traffic, and tips on how to optimise your banners, channel descriptions and more! It is only a matter of time before you become the next Emma Chamberlain.

By subscribing to our learning behemoth, PowerPass, these are only one of the few career paths that you can explore. Our hands-on learning methods, flexible time commitment, and holistic approach will set you up for success and distinguish you from the rest of the crowd.

So, are you ready to join our team of determined women and learn and grow with PowerPass? Sign up to #RaiseYourPower here.