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How to breathe life into your brand’s story

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
How to breathe life into your brand’s story

With video content becoming immensely popular and authenticity taking the centre stage, one thing that is guaranteed to connect with more people is storytelling. After all, with all the carefully mapped out strategizing you carry out for your brand, it deserves to be in the limelight, and storytelling is the sure-shot way of getting your brand the attention it rightly deserves.

Storytelling will breathe life into your brand’s story and give it an air of authenticity. It enables your brand to stand out from the crowd and gives it a distinct character, rather than just being one of many. This authenticity is what drives and engages people in this day and age. They want to see the real you, and not the reel you.

So, creativity needs to take the front seat to give your brand a unique voice, and we are here to help you with that. Are you ready to get the creative guns out and make your brand more compelling?

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Tell your brand’s story the right way

  1. Story setting

The first and foremost thing you need to do is set a base for your brand story. That is, add core values, backstory, and a time and place where the journey started. This sets a tone that you can build on. While you must be authentic and true to your brand, you must also ensure that the core values and themes match your target audience's values. This will help you attract and engage more people, which essentially is the purpose of storytelling for your brand.

2. Build a purpose-driven narrative for your brand

You need to ensure that you are not creating an empty narrative for your brand. The core values and themes mentioned above should be highlighted to create a purpose-driven narrative for your brand to draw people in. This is because people need something they can relate to in order to feel connected to your brand.

Marshall Ganz, a teacher of storytelling at Harvard’s Kennedy School Of Government has a 3-step framework for creating engaging and purpose-driven stories for your brand.

3. Self

To create an engaging narrative, you need to start with yourself and what led to the building of this brand. You need to bring in your core values and introduce a backstory. This essentially means that you have to start with yourself and your values and all this will eventually add to your brand’s values and beliefs. You need to be authentic and real here to actually capture people’s attention. People respect raw and genuine narratives, and you need to give them that to garner an audience and more respect for your brand.

4. Us

The second step in this framework is to find a way to interlink your brand’s values to the audience in order to create a connection and give them something to relate to. A common narrative is created when your personal stories are interwoven with the experiences and values of others. This helps you create a sense of community and belonging.

Nike is an excellent example of this, it’s advertisements tug on the heartstrings of people, with emotional storytelling rooted in causes that people feel strongly about, such as feminism, dreaming big, failure, and so on. This helps them resonate with people on a deeper level, and build a positive brand presence.

5. Now

The last step is to build a call to action and ask people to join in and become a part of your community. After you have laid down the base and people feel a strong connection towards you and your brand, they will be inclined to join you. This call to action is the exact nudge they need to come on board.

6. Visual storytelling

With the rise of Instagram Reels, we are glued to our phones from the minute we wake up to the moment we go to sleep. The process of scrolling through Reels is an activity in itself that people thoroughly enjoy. With visual media all the rage now, it is only fitting to turn to visual storytelling to give your brand that extra boost it needs to level up.

Visual storytelling online includes pictures, videos, animations, and anything that can quickly capture people's attention.

Create a visual narrative for your brand to engage people. Don’t forget that here also, authenticity is key. People want to see genuine and authentic content even on social media. So, keep it honest, genuine, and authentic and you will have on your hands a hit of a brand.

With the aforementioned steps, we hope you got valuable insight into how you can lend a personal touch to your brand and truly make it unique.

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