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How to hone your creativity and create impactful presentations

. 4 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
How to hone your creativity and create impactful presentations

Have you ever struggled with conveying an important message in a PowerPoint presentation? Ever poured through template after template, wondering which one can capture the attention of your audience? Well, your search ends here. Knowing how to make a presentation is a soft skill that is often overlooked by many, but it always comes in handy, no matter which field you work in. So don't miss the chance to learn with our industry expert - Shivani Krishan and her 'Make power-packed presentations: The 8-step approach' course to help you take your presentation skills to the next level.

In an increasingly competitive world, here’s your chance to gain a solid edge over the others, so keep your pen and paper handy because here is our guide to honing your creative skills and creating some really engaging presentations.

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Defining the story and visuals

Before you dive into how to make a PowerPoint presentation, take a minute to simply ponder over your brief. It is critical to your assignment that you identify the core message and tone before you turn your content into design. You can begin by selecting the ideal presentation format. There are many options available, and if you look a little further, you can find templates with a range of aesthetics to match your tone, and aid in attracting the desired audience's attention.

The next step is to plan the execution. Remember, your slides should stand out without overwhelming the audience. You want to weave a story that is impactful and will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Use language that motivates your audience to take action. By doing so, you can nudge people to make certain choices, like investing in your business. To delve deeper into the key ingredients of a presentation, refer to this article.

Decoding the structure

Your first task here is to determine if your presentation is a pitch, a concept, or a data deck. If you are pitching to a client, try to keep your information as concise as possible. Lay emphasis on facts such as numbers or any data that points towards success, such as a high turnover rate, engagement numbers, views, etc. If your presentation revolves around a concept, for eg. explaining psychological theories, concentrate on creating visual aids. This will draw the audience right in. A blend of graphics can often convey a message better than written information.

Finally, if you have to tackle a data deck, worry not! Use animated graphs, pie charts, and special effects. These will enhance your presentation and deliver the message to your audience. Use text that is minimal in design. However, you should change your text to convey the tone of the presentation. You must use the power of visual elements to aid your storytelling. Alignment, white spaces, and photography can be used to create a larger impact. Ensure your presentation is free of typographical errors, and designed correctly.

Spicing up the deck

Once you have all your information in place, it's time to spice up the presentation. This step involves everything, right from visual tonality to delivering with charisma. Remember to stick to a consistent colour scheme throughout your presentation. A tip that can help is to keep your target audience in mind when designing your presentation. An older crowd would appreciate sombre colours and less use of graphics to convey the message. For more information on how to design your decks like a pro, be sure to take a look at this article.

Finally, avoid reading from your slides, and remember to remain poised and professional throughout your presentation. Exuding warmth will resonate well with your audience and help you create a memorable experience for them. Don’t forget to be confident while delivering your presentation. For more resources on how to make a good presentation online, you can refer to this article and give it your best shot.

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