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Need The Practical Skills To Succeed At Work? Try Kool Kanya's Season Of Skills

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
Need The Practical Skills To Succeed At Work? Try Kool Kanya's Season Of Skills

Gone are the days of bagging great jobs solely based on your educational background. Now, practical skills matter just as much, and companies will hire you based on your ability to think on your feet, understand data, and solve problems like a boss.

In its endeavour to equip you with all the practical skills needed to succeed at work, Kool Kanya’s Season Of Skills has just what you need. Ready to learn practical skills first-hand from industry leaders? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Season Of Skills?

Season Of Skills is a 3-month long subscription that equips you with practical skills to succeed in the workplace. With live seasons conducted by industry leaders, you can learn the tools and skills you need the most, such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and more. While college teaches you subject matter related to your field, the Season Of Skills takes a job-first approach by focusing on practical skills you need to crack interviews and make an impact at work.

To start with, you can opt for a month-long membership too, and renew it every month. However, we suggest taking up the 3-month subscription for optimal learning.

Who Is Season Of Skills For?

This program is designed for anyone seeking an entry-level job in business analytics, digital marketing, product or finance. Additionally, if you’re looking to upskill or add to your internship, Season Of Skills is your cup of tea.

Everything Included In Season Of Skills

It all boils down to ‘what will I get?’ – a quantifiable measure of everything you’ll learn. So, here it is – the ultimate learning platform to give you value-for-money.


How Much Does Season Of Skills Cost?

You can choose between a Season Pass and a monthly pass. The 3-month Season Of Skills pass costs Rs.1999, inclusive of GST. It is a one-time payment that gives you access to the season’s curriculum, as well as bonus events.

A monthly pass will cost you Rs. 899, excluding GST. You can renew it as the month’s progress; however, we recommend the 3-month pass for all-round learning and to save some hard-earned coin!

Content And Digital Marketing Pass & Season Of Skills- The Difference

The basic difference between the two lies in the age-old dilemma of Knowledge vs. Skills.

The Content & Digital Marketing PowerPass is knowledge-based, and focuses on equipping writers and marketers with everything they need to succeed in their desired fields. With monthly themes and modules, the topics are centred around forms of writing and digital marketing.

The Season Of Skills’ approach is skill-based, and equips anyone looking for a job with the skills they’ll need to ace it – this includes collecting data, presenting it in the right format, and effectively analysing it to solve problems. Each month in a Season covers a certain area of the aforementioned process. For example, the first Season takes you through some commonly-used data analysis and presentation formats, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and PPT. Season Of Skills bridges the gap between what you learnt in school or college and what you’ll do at your job. These basic skills can make or break interviews, especially if you’re seeking an entry-level job.

The second difference is in the duration. PowerPass is a 12-month subscription while Season Of Skills is a 3-month/ 1-month program.

When Does The Season Start?

The first-ever Season Of Skills begins on 1st October 2021. The curriculum extends into December and culminates with the Job Prep Bootcamp and Getwork event in January 2022. Head to the exclusive Season of Skills page to know more about the curriculum and experts we have lined up for you. 

Want to get job-ready and stand out from the crowd? Click here to buy a Season Of Skills pass and master the skills you need to succeed for the first two years in any job!