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The Secret To Acing An Online Interview: Confidence!

. 3 min read . Written by Vanshika Goenka
The Secret To Acing An Online Interview: Confidence!

There’s one hour to go for your online interview. You’re about to get ready and start preparing, when a sudden wave of nervousness hits you, bringing along with it tons of questions- “Am I the right fit?”, “What if the interviewer hates me?”, “What if I don’t know the answer to a question?” That, then and there, is enough to shake your confidence, which is easily visible during your interview.

Nervousness instantly reflects on-screen, and can actually be a deciding factor in whether or not you get the job. After all, an interviewer wants to know if you can handle the workload and are the right fit for the organisation. If you’ve often battled self-doubt and anxiousness right before a job interview, it’s time to let go of those fears and give off an easy, confident vibe.

Want some tips on channelling that confidence during a remote job interview? Watch this video till the end for five useful tips, and take action now!

Confidence determines self-trust. Appearing underconfident gives the feeling that you aren’t sure of yourself and your value to the organisation. If you don’t trust yourself, what are the chances of the interviewer, who is a complete stranger, trusting you

A study found that many HR professionals look for a high level of confidence in candidates. And if that isn’t enough, confidence will also help you negotiate better for your salary package and terms of employment.

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Getting comfortable helps shed nervousness so you appear confident. For example, joining the call a few minutes early will help you settle down before the interviewer joins, so you aren’t feeling flustered or concerned about the internet working properly.  Additionally, dressing up well for the online interview gives you the “look good, feel good” effect, and you’ll automatically find yourself standing a few inches taller!

Do you know, non-verbal cues can also signal nervousness? Many people fidget when nervous, whether it’s by playing with their hair or any objects nearby. This is instantly noticeable and gives away your lack of confidence. Recognition is the first step, so once you pick out your nervous tell-alls, you’ll be able to control them better. If you’re having trouble figuring them out, stand in front of a mirror or ask a close friend or relative to take a mock interview. Some tips to seem more confident are sitting straight and maintaining eye contact. Remember, you’ll project how you feel to the interviewer. So, confidence will show just as easily as nervousness does!

How you present yourself (physically and verbally) plays a huge part in bagging the job, so it’s time to let confidence take the wheel and guide you towards that offer letter!

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