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Early To Bed, Early To Rise: Waking Up Early Makes Your Work & Life Better

. 6 min read . Written by Maadhuryaa Naganathan
Early To Bed, Early To Rise: Waking Up Early Makes Your Work & Life Better

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Not all of us have the habit of waking up early in the morning, but by doing so one can get a lot done in a single day. However, not everyone is built the same. Most people fall under two basic categories–the night owls and the morning birds. One is very active and energetic at night and the other feels full of hope and motivation in the morning. 

Health Vs. Staying Up Late

Most of us work through the day, so it is no surprise that we snatch any free-time that might come our way. With no set schedules and meetings at night, we often tend to see it as free time. Thus, we mindlessly scroll for hours through social media which in turn affects our sleep routine.  

This obviously results in a pattern of waking up late, thus affecting our health. Sometimes, we even fail to eat or shower in the morning as we rush to work. We fail to take care of ourselves.

It is normal to think, “I’ll do some exercise in the evening,” but sticking to it and doing so becomes harder since the modern-day work schedule is often all over the place. One delayed meeting and your date with the gym goes out of the bag. At the end of the day, we just want to be free and do nothing. 

Find Time In The Mornings 

In our busy schedules, we don’t give importance to our health and wellbeing. When was the last time you found time for yourself to do what you love? It is often also a task to find time to deal with personal issues, get organized, and get things done.

That’s when the power of waking up early and following a routine can help you. Mornings are a great time to fit in all of those things which can help you stay productive throughout the day. You can do whatever you want, find plenty of time for yourself, and at the same time prioritize your health by exercising or having a hearty breakfast.

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Set The Foundation Of Your Day

Mornings can also set the mood and can form a foundation for your entire day. Night owls might bristle at this, but late nights cannot help much when it comes to structuring your day. There is no need to aim for over-the-top waking times like four AM because you need six to seven hours of sleep. This will help you wake up refreshed and start your day correctly. 

You need to find what works best for you. Even if you wake up at six or seven in the morning, find at least an hour to follow a routine where you find space and time for yourself. Take this time to do things that matter to your personal well-being. Those few hours in the morning can be a game-changer if you consistently practice this habit. 

Get Some Exercise In The Sunlight 

If your rising time is six in the morning, you can have the next few hours to yourself. You can do something that makes you happy or helps you feel energetic. It could be doing some form of exercise or yoga, reading a book, going for a walk, and generally keeping away from technology. Staring at your mobile phones the first thing in the morning doesn’t contribute to your well-being and happiness. Set time limits for each of these activities to bring more structure into your life. 

It Is All About Your Needs

Your mornings are in your own hands. You are in charge of the routines you set! This is how you can find balance with work as well as your personal life. Make sure those first few hours after you wake up are completely technology-free and you’re doing something that adds value to your life. Mornings can be beautiful and peaceful within your personal space. The time you wake up is absolutely your choice but waking up with the sun can set your clocks back a few hours.

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Tips To Form An Early Rising Habit:

Here are some ways you can transition from being a night owl to a morning bird. 

Wake Up Earlier

Start waking up 30 minutes earlier for the first two to three weeks. Then push back your waking time to an hour earlier. Do this until it becomes a habit to wake up at a specific time every day. This is not something that can be achieved overnight. Take your time, and don’t give up.

Try Different Times

You never know which time is perfect for you. Six might be too early, and eight might be too late. You need to figure out that sweet spot on the clock that makes you feel good and energetic when you wake up. Try waking up at different times till you figure out which time works for you.

Train Your Mind 

Your mind can be your alarm. If you tell your mind to wake you up at a certain time before you go to sleep, over time you will not even need alarm clocks. This trick needs some practice and patience, but don’t underestimate the power of your brain. You just have to train your mind and it will do the magic.

Unplug Before Sleep

Cut down the usage of digital consumption an hour before you sleep so that your mind is calm and free from distractions. Technology is one of the top reasons why we push our bedtimes over and over again. Taking a break from your phones and laptops a few hours before sleeping allows you not only to sleep early and wake up early but also to get a good night’s rest.

Have An Intention

Finally, have an intention for the next day. This will assure that you don’t feel not-so-great when you wake up. This intent does not always have to be work-related. You can plan to read a book, get some exercise, or get some writing done. This is also a great time to connect with your family. Waking up with a goal in mind often leads to a more productive day

The ultimate goal is to use those precious few hours in the morning for yourself. Give social media a break, put your phone in another room before you sleep, and spend some quality time with yourself. This is sure to make you feel happier, more energetic, and mindful. 

Wake up early and go ahead to start your day with positivity. You will be able to accomplish so much more!

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