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What Is A Mock Interview And How To Prepare For One

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What Is A Mock Interview And How To Prepare For One

Heard back from the job you’ve been eyeing? Congratulations, you! Now, all you need to do is gear up for the interview and ace it. How about a slightly non-traditional approach to prepare for the same? Mock interviews are becoming more and more popular among job applicants. Not only does it help prepare well for an interview, but it also makes sure you’re ready for any challenges that might occur. 

While there are paid or free mock interview online services available, you can also have a friend help you out. No matter which route you pick, it’s best to treat it as seriously as a real one.

Let’s dive in deeper to find out everything there is to know about mock interviews!

What Is A Mock Interview?

A mock interview’s meaning lies in how it prepares you to be confident before an actual interview. Just like a mock test before an examination, mock interviews prepare you for professional ones. It is beneficial for both university applicants as well as job applicants in a corporate setting. It mirrors the set up of a real interview and trains you for the big day- ensuring that you are able to overcome any insecurities that you might have.

For example, if you digress easily, the interviewer will ensure that you stay on track throughout. If you panic in a state of nervousness, they would provide you with a few tips and tricks to keep yourself composed. 

The Purpose Of Mock Interviews

The purpose of mock interviews is that it can help you formulate significant strategies that’ll come in handy during the real interview. Common challenges that candidates face before and during the interview like stress, improper body language, lack of confidence or communication skills can be effectively catered to during a mock interview. 

If you’re not taking a professional mock interviewer’s help, request your friend to come up with a semi-structured interview instead of a formal questionnaire. 

How To Prepare For A Mock Interview

If you’re constantly wondering, “how do I prepare for a mock interview?”, these steps will help you out:

Step 1: Research well about the company. You should know everything ranging from the company’s inception to its major accomplishments and how it functions today. Brownie points if you know a little bit about the top stakeholders. 

Step 2: Find an interviewer. You have two options here – hire a professional interviewer or ask a friend to help you out. If you go with the second option, make sure that both you and your friend take it seriously. After all, it’ll really add to your chances of bagging that job. Ask your friend to come up with an organised layout of the interview.

Step 3: Mirror an interview set-up. This way, you’ll feel comfortable and less intimidated when you’re appearing for the real interview. A resembling environment will add an extra touch to your mock interview, which would surely make you feel more confident. 

Step 4: Dress the part. This is essential to get into the zone. Dressing up well would not only look more professional but would also boost your confidence. A messy hairdo, an unkempt beard, or crumpled clothes are a big no-no. Don’t forget to groom yourself well. 

Step 5: Ask for feedback. Getting genuine feedback from your mock interviewer is the most crucial part of a mock interview. If your friend is helping you out, be sure to tell them not to hold back and provide critique wherever necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask them where you could do better because it will always play in your favour during the main interview. Taking notes helps big time as well!

Commonly Asked Mock Interview Questions

1. Why do you want to be a part of our organisation out of so many other options in the market?

2. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

3. What did you like the least about your last job and how did you deal with it?

4. Why should we hire you instead of the other candidates?

5. What do you know about this industry?

6. What inspires you?

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Benefits Of Mock Interview

Now that you know about a mock interview and its purpose, it’s time to get acquainted with a few advantages of mock interviews. A mock interview:

  • Helps combat stress
  • Helps gain confidence
  • Provides you with  constructive feedback
  • Helps you understand proper body language
  • Gives you a feeling of familiarity 

Remember: practice makes perfect, and this brings you one step closer to getting your dream job. 

What To Wear To A Mock Interview

We can’t stress this enough – treat your mock like a real one, even when it comes to picking an outfit. Wear the same outfit you’d wear to the real interview. Not just the clothes; the way you present yourself changes the game too. 

Wear nicely ironed clothes and do your hair in a neat manner. Good grooming is the way to go! 

Mock Interview Attire

And lastly, with all this information, you’re all set for your mock interview. By the end of this process, you’ll be one step closer to the job of your dreams. 

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